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2019-08-12 14:57 UTC
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here is a slightly off-the-wall question for all of you who have the ability to start torrents are there any of you who would be interested in starting a torrent for an "old school" set of RPG rules that were designed specifically for games based on anime & manga the first version showed up in the late 1990's,_Small_Mouth the original company that put out BESM was bought out by White Wolf ... and White Wolf doesnt exist any more either ... and surprisingly, someone is trying to revive the game, they had even set up a kick-starter campaign/website ... though since they seem to keep changing when the game is going to be available (depending on which post you look at it varies between september 2019 and december 2019) personally I would not actually count on a 4th edition ever coming out the companies that are supposedly going to put out the 4th edition of BESM are Dyskami Publishing Company ... a Canadian company
and ... Japanime Games what I have is pdf copies of 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, the D20 version, and the tri-stat version, plus most of the "supplements" that were published LOL ... I have more than what the kick-starter project was going to give out to people who donated $65 or more ... and I am willing to share it for FREE all I need is someone who is will to do up a torrent of the files ... I can upload all of the files to a mega account, so they are easy to download ... I'll group them by version and thank you for Rg Veda ... it looks interesting, I definitely want to get into it after I get done with all the stuff I am currently in the middle of reading
Ha! An old friend of mine used to play BESM. If memory serves me right, the game was made in Canada, but probably still qualifies? You just need help creating the torrent file? I'm pretty new to nyaa, but if no one else is helping you, I could probably do it for you. You may mail me. (burner address) ->
Thanks for this!