[DameDesuYo] Cop Craft - 04 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [38F41AB7].mkv

2019-08-12 04:58 UTC
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  • [DameDesuYo] Cop Craft - 04 (1280x720 10bit AAC) [38F41AB7].mkv (246.9 MiB)
Why do my thumbnails for this look like this? https://imgur.com/38rPDPW I don't have this problem with any other release (except this one, https://nyaa.si/view/1165406), not even other releases from you guys. Anyone got any ideas? I'm using MPC-HC.
@Rowdy91 Same issue for me with MPC-HC. Then I tried using mpv instead and it worked fine.
Just get new MPC: https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases And stop with that MPV meme already. Gosh.
MPV is superior.
For nerds, sure.
Nothing wrong with that. Dumb people can't use it.
Hmmm, I'm still on the fence about MPV. I'm already using the latest MPC version. Also, please don't turn this into a video player war. I just wanted some help.
Check this guide out on how to use MPV, it helped me: https://iamscum.wordpress.com/guides/videoplayback-guide/
@Rowdy91 do you have madVR? I use MPC + madVR + XySubFilter. No issues.
this is not media player problem windows never support thumbnails anything except this MP4 so you need to use Icaros to thumbnailing file https://www.videohelp.com/software/Icaros and if you went something better than mpc-hc and not based in mpv try mpc-be https://yadi.sk/d/hlf1lfC8mKU58/!_last
Windows Explorer supports thumbnails for mkv's too, so long as they are 8bit.

DameDesuYo (uploader)

@Rowdy91 - the reason you're seeing that is because this release is 4:4:4 using a recent build of x264. x264 changed something about it's 4:4:4 and so old players and other software that try to view the video will not work. We recommend the latest stable build of mpv for the best results. However, you may have some success by updating your decoders, splitter, renderer, etc.
Public QC doesn't seem to work for me right now so imma leave this here - 9:10 line seems to be lacking a "you" between "gave" and "your".