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2019-08-11 20:53 UTC
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(NOTE ~8/9/19~): This is a small update to the Cosmos Pink Shock anime that was uploaded not too long ago, hence the v2 in the name. Fixed some typos in this version that I forgot to correct in the previous version, and also made some small changes to the credits list at the end. ~MartyMcflies [Original description] Subbed by: LonelyChaser Fansubs “Don’t Look Into The Cockpit” Insert Song Translation By: Daniel Bourke (Discord: @FW_Translations) Translation checking by: starseeker This is a new version of the 80s OVA “Cosmos Pink Shock,” produced by AIC and released by Victor Entertainment. This uses the subs from the old release by BOX Subs but utilizes a new raw recorded by a user who wishes to remain anonymous. The subs are pretty much identical to BOX’s release, with a couple of exceptions: -Tiny, minor grammatical changes to some lines -Changed several lines (There were a few incorrect lines in the BOX release, plus a small line of dialogue that was left untranslated, presumably by mistake—these’ve been fixed in the new version). -Song lyrics included for the insert song that plays within the first 10-minutes of the OVA—these were left out in the BOX release That’s about it for now. Enjoy!!

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