GeGeGe no Kitaro 1968, 1971, 1985, 1996 English subtitles. But the subtitles are not good!

2019-08-11 19:55 UTC
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Not good is an understatement. ![wew lad](
I guess they could be used for timing...? Also, what was the source of these subs?
get a feeling so complicated
4th upload. when?
Only the 1971, 1985, and 1996 subs have any use for timing, and they all need manual adjustment, anyway. The 1968 subs are completely useless even for timing, though.
Were they possibly translated from Chinese to English? I'll admit there are good Chinese bootlegs with OK subtitles but they are very, very few. Most are complete trash.
@Super_Saiyan_Lusitano, I guess I've just been luckier than you in locating those very few "good" Chinese subs. When I joined the team, because our group's main translators were still learning Japanese, they preferred to go from Traditional Chinese to English, with those of us on the QC crew catching the errors. In the roughly 250 episodes I helped on, only one had a severe mistranslation in the Japanese to Chinese work raw. Fortunately, that line was so severely out of character that it was easily caught even by those of us like myself who back then only knew enough Japanese to get by as a tourist. (mostly consisting of the vocabulary required to awkwardly ask directions to sites, and reading at pre-school level)
I'm glad you've been. I still remember buying a Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002 DVD set for about $30 and it was absolutely terrible. Video was like TVRips and the subs were atrociously bad. Still wish I had gotten a refund but oh well. There was a Doraemon DVD box with about 10 discs of the series and movies and that's actually really good. I actually don't mind rewatching it when I have the chance to.