[Glenn] Seizei Ganbare Mahou Shoujo Kurumi 25 (WEB 1920x1080 x264 AAC) [8B685343].mkv

2019-08-10 23:15 UTC
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Episode 25 out of 25 (of first season) I stalled for a long time but decided to shove this one out to be finished with it. This was one of the earlier projects I started and it really shows in the first episodes, especially on the translation part. I should redo them but unfortunately time and motivation for this project is lacking. I have no plans on picking up season 2 and onwards for this. Will not make a batch because the earlier episodes would require me to redo the entire thing and that's not something I want to do. ?

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  • [Glenn] Seizei Ganbare Mahou Shoujo Kurumi 25 (WEB 1920x1080 x264 AAC) [8B685343].mkv (107.8 MiB)
Someone should still post the batch even if unofficially for the sake of keeping it seeded, which is much easier to maintain in one torrent rather than 25.
Thanks! I hope you will reconsider and (maybe) do the second season in the future. Thanks again!
Please someone pick up season 2 of this work of towering genius... Thanks for your work subtitling the neglected oddities.
Thankyou so much for finishing.
this show is so amazing...
Do you have any plans to sub season 2? Thanks so much for subbing s1!
Aaaaaa please sobody sub the s2 This anime is amazing
I wish the rest were picked up like S2 and S3 (airing at the time of this comment)