Rogue Samurai v01-03 [Rurika] (MediBang)

2019-08-10 15:34 UTC
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248.0 MiB
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![]( Ripped by Rurika. All credit to him. This, along with some of his other releases, contains a folder called "Single pages" which, as the name implies, stores all unmerged double page spreads (the merged double pages still exist in the root folder at their intended positions). While that "Single pages" folder may mess up how the volume's cover is displayed in your reader (or worse, they may appear before and end up spoiling the rest of the content), please leave that folder intact (i.e. don't remove it from the cbz files) for consistency's sake of future seeding. Thank you.     You guys better be thanking me for spending a whole 5 minutes of my life downloading and reuploading this here on Nyaa. And don't you even think about leaving feedback. I sIMPly GOT TIred Of ListENiNG TO ranDOm memBeRs who JusT JUMP intO tHE coMmEnTS seCTIon OF THe TorReNTS I upload, Just ranDOM memBErs whINiNg ABoUt tHe TorrENtS i uPlOaD. It’S hit anD RuN ComMeNtiNG mEMbERs LiKE YOU wHo hAvE FOrceD me TO cUt BACk ON MY UPlOaDinG. iT JUST gETS TIrEsome HAvInG SomeONe comPLAIn aboUt me uPLoaDInG sOMEThiNg ratHER ThAn SayiNG “tHanK yoU FOr poSTIng tHiS". ![](     Oops sorry guys, my alternate personality came out and was acting up. I call him tornado22 btw, which I assure you is totally not meant as a way to mock [a certain uploader]( and what he just said is totally not [what that uploader have said]( After all, who in their right mind would say something like that, right? So please just ignore him and the above paragraph.

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  • Rogue Samurai v01-03 [Rurika] (MediBang)
    • Rogue Samurai v01 [Rurika] (MediBang).cbz (87.8 MiB)
    • Rogue Samurai v02 [Rurika] (MediBang).cbz (80.9 MiB)
    • Rogue Samurai v03 (end) [Rurika] (MediBang).cbz (79.3 MiB)
This reminds me of Vagabond.
Never heard of this one but it looks cool. I'll give it a read!! Also, how does one change their avatar?