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Gyro: Quality Check, Typesetting, Timing, Encoding Josh: Editing Lord Starfish: Translation Check, Timing, Release Check Release Check: AxelStone007 Message from Josh: This isn’t the first time I’ve written a farewell Jojo message, nor will it be the last, but each time I do, I feel a renewed sense of sadness and relief as if it’s the first time I’ve done it all over again. Sadness that our work is done, but relief that we’ll be able to catch a bit of a break before beginning work on the blu-ray batch. For the last few weeks I’ve struggled to figure out what I would say here in this post, but it’s only now at 8:00 AM on August 8th after finishing editing episode 39 that I feel like I’ve finally found the words. As always, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the work of my fellow Some-Stuffs team members. Even above being a joy to work with, I consider them all best friends and some of the best people I’ve ever known. I would particularly like to thank Lord Starfish, JulesMFinWinnfield, and AxelStone007 for joining us on Part 5. Their contributions have helped push the quality of our subs higher than ever before, and for that I am extremely grateful. I would also be remiss not to thank longtime contributors Gyro and Xemnas for sticking around for the last 6+ years on Jojo. I say this every time, but you guys are awesome and I couldn’t do this without you. I would also like to thank our viewers, old and new, for sticking with us through Golden Wind. Though it’s plain to see we aren’t releasing episodes as fast as we used to, Golden Wind marked the first time where we subbed a part of Jojo while all of us held down full time jobs. It’s been a challenging experience to say the least, but I’m proud of the work we’ve managed to put out without compromising our real life obligations. We’re more committed than ever to continue subbing Jojo, and I don’t see anything ever changing that. Though normally I would end things off by detailing our plans for the blu-ray batch, I’m going to wait a little bit to do that since I really want our plans to be known and not buried in my farewell message. So I suppose that’s it, then. A vast ocean stands between us and Part 6, but we hope we’ll see you all on the other side. Arrivederci. NOTE: Keep watching after the ending credits of this episode for a brief outro scene!

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Nice. And with that, my Part 5 uploads are obsolete.
thanks, I look forward to rewatching this Part with your eventual BD release!
Make Some-Stuffs green for part 6
Thanks for the awesome work
Thanks for being so consistent with subtitling the show and so many other shows! I literally registered on Nyaa just to say thank you guys! As for the blu-ray release you might want to postpone that(or not do it at all) as I have already seen complete Blu-ray's released with your subtitles on them with scenarist. I guess just ripping those would get the job done, if you aren't making any changes to the subtitles that is. I only noticed one small typo on an episode(it was one of those episodes with Cioccolata and Secco) on the word "compliment" when the duo was described. From what the sentence formed I guess complement was the word you were looking for. Just a heads up, not complaining. Again I appreciate all the time you are putting into this and I am looking forward to you picking up Drifters. The show has 3 episodes and only one of those has decent subtitles. The last one doesn't even have any subtitles and it is a true shame. Keep up the good work!
Nah Some-Stuffs BDs are great so don’t discourage them from making their own Also I’m pretty sure they do make a bunch of script changes, since the way they approach characters changed over time and whatnot. I mean this was an almost year long project, the way you handle things changes over the course of a year.
Thank You for this :) I hope you guys will be doing BD's by the end of the year :D Godlike share and can't wait for Part 6 Anime in 2-3 years time.
The BDs will not be out this year, I can tell you that much. We fully intend to take our time with them and make sure they're as perfect as can be. Though at least they shouldn't take as long as the DiU BDs did, as we've got a specific plan worked out to avoid just that.
Thank you!! Now that part 5 has been completed, I wonder if you guys have the source for JoJo part 1 2007 version? I always wanted to watch it and compare the difference with 2012 version, forget about download, I can't even find it in any streaming websites.......
The Phantom Blood movie has never been officially released on home video, and there are no known cam rips or anything else out there either. We'd consider subbing it if it ever saw the light of day, but it seems unlikely.
Oh I see, hence the only that can be found is on YouTube, the 16 mins RAW WIP video...... Thx for the info
wow I am crying. thanks some-stuffs for your hard work
Excellent. I have been watching your JoJo releases since Part 1, and I must say you truly are the definitive JoJo sub group, and one of the best groups ever, alive or dead. It's the consistency you are shining, both in translation and the whole process. Thank you! I can't believe five out of eight arcs have already been turned into anime - it feels like it was just yesterday Phantom Blood begun - and you have subbed all episodes of them! It's not a measly task, it must have taken lots of hard work and time, but you still are doing JoJo for us, and that is what matters. Let the Stone Ocean rage through next, however long it will take. Over and out.
Thanks kingofhearts! Love hearing from longtime fans :D
i just finished a binge watch of the seasons, your work is really good thank you