Dragon Ball Z Missing Analogs Tracks From Laserdisc audios

2019-08-07 22:21 UTC
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Here are the two files that Animemaakuo never released in his torrent long time ago

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Cool. Thanks. He shared sometime ago another DBZ OBA source and that sounded really nice. Just episode 31, he said like he lost interest to share it.


maakuo loose interest on sharing cause of "no proper remaster" and that some people that have gt better recordings didn't shared them so why he should, but we should enjoy what we have
By the looks of it DB/Z/GT are never going to get a respectable HD remaster. There is Selecta VisiĆ³n who's hyping up their Dragon Ball series remaster release on Blu-ray but based on what I've seen from their DVD releases as a whole, I'm not holding my breath. Edit: I mean, they're quite good (most of the time, except the Ultimate Edition of DBZ which is garbage) but in terms of grain they usually clean it up though it's still there, not much but it is.
Thanks! The audio was extracted from this torrent Dragon Ball Z Movies 07-13 (LaserDisc) [Bootleg DVDs] https://nyaa.si/view/1076384


@SaotomeZ don't be stupid the bootleg dvd don't have db 10th birthday and it's the analog track straight from laserdisc
Saotomer, stupidity compels when it meets your presence.
Great. Another Dragon Ball-related torrent, another example of not having to look hard to find insults directed at other people. And you wonder why this fandom is being called retarded. Besides that, I just came here to say thanks for the upload.
Could have responded to SaotomeZ without insulting him.
@DemoX @Super_Saiyan_Lusitano I would have replied nicer, but since I don't know what is wrong with him... insulting me on various occasions, I just can't reply to him in a civilized manner , especially when he denigrates DBM's upload.
someone seed please