[NeSubs / Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 05 (English Softsub) [V2]

2019-08-05 22:00 UTC
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English subtitles for Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - Episode 5 (English Softsub) Questions / Eyebrows / After School / Happy Birthday / Sneeze This is a second version of my original release of Episode 5. The following changes have been made: - Replaced the original HEVC re-encode with an alternate video source. - All timing has been shifted back one second to account for cut footage (blank screen) RAW: Better-Raws (Netflix, re-encode by LightArrowsEXE) Video: 1080p H264 Audio: EAC3 Translation: NeSubs, Septet Typesetting/Karaoke: NeSubs Translation Check/Quality Control: Septet Please follow @Ne_Subs on Twitter for future releases! Look forward to Episode 6 next week!

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  • [NeSubs-Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 05 (English Softsub) [V2].mkv (405.9 MiB)
I guess anything is better than a 720p typical dumb ass encode. But still, isn't this less quality? People need to grow the fuck up. If it's a big file, it's a big file. How does 720p get a fucking pass over HEVC?? Probably just gonna keep muxing my dick off with the original 1:1 NF source. I do appreciate the work with the subtitling. But don't with the other fags wanting to make a change over last week. You can all kiss my ass. #fuck720p #fuckhevc #fuckseed
this is a site for sharing fun and beautiful work. We do NOT need to see nasty language in posts. thank you so much NeonToaster-san for your hard work and consideration for what people ask for. You have done a fine job on the translation. I do appolgize for the rude and immature people posting here, we are not all that sort of people. Please keep up the great work.
how are people even offended by swearing on the internet, i just don't get it
thanks a lot... !! was patiently waiting for..
Tysm Light for re-encode


Thanks Light
Thank you for redoing this! Much appreciated! <3 <3 <3
@Seedsucksit I fixed up most of the blocking and banding in darker areas. The only thing that is still as bad as the original is the lineart, because that's too fucked to fix up. Feel free to make comparisons yourself. Lower filesize =/= worse quality.
@Light you don't need to take him seriously. He's been like that since the old Nyaa days.
Thanks for the new release, would you please next time release untouched i don't like re encode and also isn't Blu-ray would really appreciate it don't like to compromise quality.
>untouched Seriously!! Is it so hard to mux in the subs for yourself.
@sameer ik it's not hard but it still require work than a single click, all NeonToaster previous releases has been untouched so yeah i like it being consistent and do appreciate all his work. Some people told him previous release to make smaller size which I'm against it should be better send them off to watch from some shitty websites.
@SKY13 I already told him to either get a good encoder or to stay with remuxing Netflix in PMs. There's nothing wrong with getting a competent encoder to fix up the issues in the source, but just re-encoding it as-is and killing the quality like he did with v1 is just awful. The added hilarity is that, as you can see with this encode, it's not hard to severely reduce the filesize and fix up artfacting at the same time if you are any decent at encoding. Most uploaders to Nyaa aren't decent at encoding, which includes the vast bulk of x265 encoders. Pretty hilarious stuff.
The quality is fine, and is way better than the mini-mkv one last time. I'd personally just remux for now if it was me, and wait for the Blu-rays later. At least that way it's not your fault that the quality is not that good.
![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/Si9ajjg.jpg) This thing is true for other parts of south-east Asia and not just Japan, don't know about the west though.
thank you for the release, prefer consistency of the encode on the release
I am not watching the series at the time but the picture intrigued me. Isn't the belief that someone is spreading rumours about you true only when you sneeze twice. The general belief being sneezing means someone is remembering you. All the times I have seen anime characters sneeze once, someone somewhere was talking of that person positively.
I don't recall which anime, but I have seen some shows where there was only one sneeze when that character was being talked about in a not entirely positive light. Nothing too bad, but still.
```RAW: Better-Raws (Netflix, re-encode by LightArrowsEXE) Video: 1080p H264 Audio: EAC3 now i expected some grain /s
@LightArrowsEXE "Most uploaders to Nyaa aren’t decent at encoding, which includes the vast bulk of x265 encoders. Pretty hilarious stuff." I've noticed that too. Most encoders that release stuff in HEVC/x265 on Nyaa either release stuff that is pure eyecancer (the v1 of this for example) or use some ridiculously high bitrate, unnecessarily bloating the filesize and totally negating the point of using it in the first place. There are execptions, such as Nauti's Kakegurui s2 releases, but those are few and far between. It's such as shame, as many of those that use x265 when releasing Hollywood movies/TV shows are really able to work wonders with it and produce some really great releases (search PSArips for an example of what I mean). If only anime encoders could learn to use it properly, we could have some great releases here too. (Note I have dabbled personally with x265 for some personal videos, but have not/do not release anything online).
@SparkyKestrel The issue with investing time into learning x265 over x264 for anime is that you don't reduce the sizes as much relative to if you were to encode live-action. x264 is already really good at compressing anime (if you have any idea about what you're doing), and it's also a lot faster than x265. x265 also *still, [after atleast two whole year of it being reported](https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/x265/issues/349/bad-psy-rd-adoption-leading-to-banding),* has a broken Psy-rd, which makes it even less optimal for anime. If anything, AV1 is what you should be looking at over x265 at this point.
Thank you very much !
thank you! man this episode. ma hart. ma soul.
Episode 6 waiting room
Episode 6 waiting room
HEVC is amazing when done right