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2019-08-05 15:36 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou - 05 [1080p].mkv (1.3 GiB)
Oh hey it's the show that goes *way too far* on the loli BS, and shouldn't really be shown outside of Japan
@Ree81 whats wrong with you?! why should we have to skip on that just because you are offended by it? then don't watch it kid! Btw. even if they would "only show it in japan", people on Nyaa here would still download it, that's the whole point of this site. I hope Japan never changes the way they are just because of western opinions like yours. We get already changed "games" for the western market... at least let us have anime like they are and should be.
@Ree81 I think you are in the wrong place here..
The appropriate response should've been.. "I should probably stop watching it"
Fitting name REE how about KYS
@ot4ku With no due respect, someone whose high point in their day has consistently been an anime release for what has to be several months and gets his jollies off from drawings that look like children has no leg to stand on to refer to another as 'kid.'
It's a pretty "pro-pedo" show, meaning it's really only politically correct inside of Japan. And even there it's pretty controversial, as the "x00 year old loli you can't be mad" trope is an extremely thin premise of sexualizing literally 13 year old looking bodies. That's why it's creepy. That's why it should've stayed in Japan and subbers should've avoided it. It's not the first show to just be ignored.
@Ree81 Why is a robot watching anime? By the way you sound like someone who's attracted to little girls and you're upset about being shown images that may tempt you.
@Ree81 'pro-pedo' you are stupid as fuck dude, its just some drawing maybe you should learn differents between reality and fantasy.
Not that I watch this anime, but NPC will always be NPC I guess. There's even SJW here huh, color me surprised.
What the actual fuck. There are so many better options to complain about loli, why Arifureta? Not that the whole "uh, it's so questionable, I'm so offended" has any argumentative worth to begin with. Anyways, just let Arifureta alone.
@Ree81 I never post here, but your cancerously riajyu comment you made was enough to make me. Stop watching anime, it isn't for you. If anything, go watch Cowboy Bebop or whatever it is normies watch.
You all are quick to defend loli content and it's so goddamn hilarious. Trying to act like enjoying sexual depictions of children, regardless of shoehorned attempts to say no no no you don't get it she's several hundreds of years old actually, is somehow a high art. You do you man, and make no mistake I'm 100% sure you are all men in this conversation trying to defend this, but stop trying to pretend you aren't watching this to see half naked or fully naked little girls. Because you're sure as hell not watching it for the edgelord protagonist. Also, a special fuck you to ROM184. Cowboy Bebop is one of the greatest shows, ignoring anime, and I don't want your slanderous loli loving lips even uttering that name.
im not sure why, but i liked the manga way more
@lawlawl I watch it because of the "Edgelord". Am i special? Also this can be compared to like playing fps shooter games.You dont become a killer just because you play them.Also you dont become gay by watching gay stuff. Surprising?
False equivalency. If you popped a boner playing an FPS at the thought of shooting up a school there would be a problem with you. Just like you fantasizing about a young girl thanks in part to depictions of it in a medium shows some deep rooted psyche issues that need addressing. If you wanna get your rocks off to scantily dressed anime women more power to you. I don't kink shame. But there is a concern when the depiction is underage, regardless of fantasy or reality; To go with your comparison the difference is playing a FPS to experience WW2 or some sort of space adventure, that's one thing. Playing a Columbine simulator is completely separate. I do not know how any of you can sit there with a straight face justifying sexualized children. Even in Japan if you were to go around proclaiming your love of loli or shota you'll get the pedophile accusatory stares that you would get in any western country so don't try to rationalize it with cultural differences. And no, you're not special. You just have an unrefined palette and are uncultured swine. Feel free to enjoy your isekai power fantasy.
@lawlawl Ah found the real Edglelord here. Seriously i think you are just trolling us here this almost sounds like the area 51 raid. Lots of nonsense without making a point.Thanks for nothing. Looks like you are good at twisting the words of others and completing their sayings with your own imagination. Those people that have no problem with their heads wont become pedo just by looking at a body of a young girl even if its naked. Be that in an anime or even real life. (And there is even the fact that this is purely a fantasy character but nobody like you would consider that). If you cannot comprehend this fact then just continue your hunt elsewhere please because what you are doing here is ridiculous. Join the FBI or CIA or something similar if you wish to combat this problem so much. Maybe like 1% here might watch this show to see "pedo" action and i might have said a number too big... Im not special because of the small fact that im not watching the show because the girl.... But you are indeed special because of how especially dark you are and how uncomftable you might make the people around you...
@lawlawl You just posted cringe bro. Keep it up and youre gonna lose subscriber. Also i wonder if people sleep better or something by spewing their trash arguments all over the internet or something.
@lawlawl What the heck? You talk like it’s the most natural thing to pop a boner while watching this show? Maybe for you, but most certainly not for me. Don’t assume stuff. I AM WATCHING IT FOR THE EDGE LORD STORY. Yep, I said it. Easy to consume clichéd story line. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Ree81; @lawlawl So in summary, “X” depicts loli; ∴ “X” promotes pedophilia; Hence “X” should be banned. Since when has depiction of something equaled promotion of said thing? Let’s go with that stupid line of reasoning for now and lets see where it takes us. Violence, it should be banned as well right? Most of Shonen depict pretty fucked up violent situations [Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, etc], yeah, lets ban pretty much the entire Shonen genre. What about sexual depiction of underage girls [huge breasts, undergarment flash, etc]? Pretty much every anime has them, but lets ban them as well while we’re at it. We can’t have people getting boners for underage chicks now can we? What about sexual fetishes, S&M? Yep, BAN. What about underage nudity? Well BAN as well. What about abuse? Bullying? Incest? BL? This reminds me of the arguments SJW feminists made when they claimed GTA V was sexist. Fact of the matter is that it promotes as much pedophilia as much as GTA V promotes sexism, which is pretty much none. Guys certainly aren’t turning pedo by watching. As long as nothing illegal was committed during the creation, it has the right exist in the media sphere. If it offends you, stop watching it. Instead of going full SJW and lecturing everyone for watching this show. I WILL WATCH IT NO MATTER WHAT YOU SNOWFLAKES SAY.
Do not feed the trolls. This is an anime based of the manga. It is fiction (duh). You can watch it for whatever reason you have and no one should care. If people are seriously offended by an anime, go seek help.
I literally only see "omg ree/lawl u r so edgy with that crap omg, stop being FBI omg we have a right to like stuff you dont omg dont trollll ussssss" type comments here. None of you have answered a *single* argument me and lawl put forth, and the comments are proof you really don't have any, and that we're right in our criticism against showing sexualization of underage teens. It wouldn't be allowed even in Japan if it were real people, but it gets a pass *FOR NOW*, because it's a drawing. That's literally abusing a loop hole in the law to peddle your pedo crap.
i decided to read the LN after watching the few episodes that are out right now and now i'm super disappointed in how bad this adaptation is lol
@Ree81 "we’re right in our criticism against showing sexualization of underage teens" I don't have a problem with your criticism. The problems lie elsewhere which if you'd read my comment properly you'd know. Explain to me, why its natural for everyone to pop a boner? Because you just did? Everyone's mind works like that is that what you think? Maybe you don't even have a penis, which is why you are inclined to think that every single guy thinks that way, but newsflash. Not everyone's like that. "shouldn’t really be shown outside of Japan" ? Nothing illegal has been committed its creators. It has the right to exist. So what..? are you gonna ban bdsm? Incest? What about violence? And a ton of other controversial topics? You think you have the right to decide what others can & cannot see? What if some mother doesn't like violence and decides take down every single violent Shonen anime[which is pretty much everything] tomorrow? You think she can have that power? At the most she can turn off the TV and maybe prevent her kids from watching which is what I told you. "It wouldn’t be allowed even in Japan if it were real people, but it gets a pass FOR NOW, because it’s a drawing." Why does it matter whether its a drawing or not. Being edgy isn't a reason to ban anything anywhere. "None of you have answered a single argument me and lawl put forth" I did, and basically have had to repeat most of what I said in my earlier comment because you didn't bother with a single one of the points I brought forth and have instead doubled down on the "I dislike it so it should be banned" chant.
AND After everything I had put in my comment, you respond with this: "You're abusing a loop hole in the law to peddle your pedo crap." Well you know what @Ree81, screw you. Your mind is easily way more Pedo than mine will ever be. And its only the guilt associated with your own watching experience is what is causing you to lash out at others here many of whose consciences are different than your own shitty conscience. Or maybe you are just a snowflake or a female, or maybe a kid, who thinks everyone who watched this show are like that. I WILL WATCH IT. Others will watch it. Its good that majority of the world doesn't give enough fucks about what you think should and shouldn't be allowed.
lol, I got as far as "Maybe you're a war veteran who got his dick shot off and that's why you're so mad". Thanks for proving you're a complete retard.
@Ree81 pretty sure you are the biggest tard here dude.
@Ree81 you're one of those blinded westernized assholes....just hope America burns one day.
@lawlawl and @Ree81 get your.... You know, I'm just shaking my head because of the unsightly nonsense I'm seeing. Really Maybe those idiots at UN should hire you SJW adultchildren.