[NeSubs / Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 05 (English Softsub) [HEVC]

2019-08-05 02:12 UTC
nesubs.carrd.co / Twitter: @Ne_Subs
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92.3 MiB
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If you would like an alternative version of the episode without HEVC encode, then please check out: https://nyaa.si/view/1164973 English subtitles for Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - Episode 5 (English Softsub) Questions / Eyebrows / After School / Happy Birthday / Sneeze RAW: Better-Raws (Netflix, HEVC re-encode by Noroinohanako) Video: Lavc58.35.100 libx265 crf 28 Audio: Lavc58.35.100 aac 128k Translation: NeSubs, Septet Typesetting/Karaoke: NeSubs Translation Check/Quality Control: Septet Please follow @Ne_Subs on Twitter for future releases! Look forward to Episode 6 next week!

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  • [NeSubs-Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 05 (English Softsub).mkv (92.3 MiB)
last week your file was 1GB, this week its 92MB..
Been waiting since long ago. Thanks
>92mb O_o
> 92 mb > crf 28 What's this shit encode Thanks for subs anyway.
Someone didn't listen to eXmendiC's advise.


Looks good. Thanks!
>re-encode Please never do this again. You worsen the video quality when you encode already lossy video to a new lossy codec like that. Looks like this week I get to download Better-Raws, extract your subs with MKVCleaver and watch that way. Thank you so much for subbing this show; you're doing a great job of it and I really appreciate it. Just, please, never re-encode again.
I agree. This sucks dick. I can't use it with my Pi 3B+. Thanks for the subs though. #fuck720p #fuckseed
> You worsen the video quality when you encode already lossy video to a new lossy codec like that. lol. Please do tell us where to find lossless video.
oh lord no pls no HEVC
Maybe this was done because of the few idiots bitching about the file size last week. @OP if you guys decide to do this again maybe keeping it at CRF17-20 would be better then at CRF28 and make sure to turn off sao mode.
@OP Looks like you can never please everyone (some of them need to chill a little), but I do agree with @noZA_. If you are doing a HEVC encode, CRF28 is way too low quality. CRF22 is the minimum for me. Maybe make two releases if you want to. I understand those that are really limited by their data plan. 92 MB for this quality is a pretty good deal for them. Thanks for subbing this every week for us to enjoy though.
Trolling? Hehe Btw here' s the raw. https://nyaa.si/view/1164620
apparently 28 is the default CRF for x265, which tells you how competent the devs of it are. according to them that's the equivalent of 23 in x264 which is garbage, so i have no idea why they set it that high.
Nani the fricky dicky is that file size for a sec i thought typo error, ahh don't do hevc format please untouched is better.
extracted subs and changed name to the better raws release, by an anon on 4chan https://mega.nz/#!H5RkFSTY!V3Y3m71YZXsc2Gs4VqfWrfOR_8v1Ib8vCWnSM4CxXjE
Raw: https://nyaa.si/view/1164692
@Jiur Why retime? If you're using the "Better Raws" release or the "Erai-raws" one which is basically the same source then you don't have to retime the subs after extracting it here.
i made a mistake due to sleep deprivation sorry, i meant to type "changed name"
Fuck the mother fuckers. HEVC is just stupid. You have the NF source right there which is 1:1 fine. No need to change anything when Blu-Rays are coming down the road. Bandwidth problems? Get better internet. Can't run 1080p? Get a fucking job and upgrade the equipment already instead of being a cheap faggot and making dumb excuses. #fuck720p #fuckseed
>Bandwidth problems? Get better internet. @Seedsucksit Dude, you don't know shit to be saying that. Bandwidth is still a huge problem in the real world. Now complaining about the file size when it's in H264 1080p isn't.
@Seedsucksit "Bandwidth problems? Get better internet." Unfortunately in some places in the world that is simply not possible. x265/HEVC is a really good codec and in the hands of the right people it can produce great results, some high name shows I've downloaded in 720p HEVC have had really high qaulity pictures for filesize of only 200-300MB, and around 500MB for 1080p. HEVC done right is really good, but here I think it's been taken a bit too far. Maybe if Neontoaster want's to try this again, make two realeses, one with untouched video and one with a carefully tuned HEVC code to give high qaulity picture for lower filesize (aiming for around 300MB would be about right I think).
My favorite meme is non-encoders claiming HEVC is the best thing since sliced bread, all the while consuming starved encodes without knowing any better. Really makes you thunk.
Seedsucksit is a by-product of shitfest from old Nyaa. Please ignore.
My favorite meme is encoders trying to tell to people that they don't just throw everything into HandBrake like the rest of us and make up reasons to stall.
I'm not the one stalling, *society* is the one stalling!
>File size:92.3 MiB what the fuck?
Getting in before this thread gets closed too.
stop bitching about the file size, morons. You like it, you take it You don't like it, you don't take it, it is that easy
First thank you to the uploader for the translation. Second if you have a suggestion on how to improve the release: be polite and courteous, takes just a few more seconds and keeps the exchange helpful. IF you have the skills and wish to make an enhanced version yourself, do it and post a link. If you do either of the above still thank the uploader. This is a special and fine series an one hopes we can honor it with courteous posts. As Takagi-san would say..Lets make a game, a contest. If you posted nicely you win and we all buy you a soda, if you posted mean or nasty things ...you get to buy all of us one. I hope you see this before the time to edit runs out. :) Takagi-san always wins btw :)
@AdamEve just suck his dick already. You are gay.
>92mb Well, I guess I need to download the Better-Raws again. Next time I will just do that preventively.
I was NOT agreeing that the size of the file or the format is one i would have chosen. It is a moot issue for me as i can watch it live here at home. But it is nice to be nice and really makes me sad to see such rude and unkind posts around such a special show. Post in haste, repent at leisure. I hope the admins start banning or clean up this sort of sad affair.
>really makes me sad to see such rude and unkind posts around such a special show Nope, it's just you acting awfully gay. Get your shit together (no homo).
Someone clearly has a one track mind here... the projection and the connotations that it brings up amuse me greatly. Thanks for the subs though, OP.
every week im more excited for the comments here than the actual show
With people being such DICKS every week I am surprised they have not quit.
At least this week it's mostly constructive criticism, which we do appreciate and do read. It's fine by me if you all want to continue to rage in this comment thread, but please be aware that there is already a file out there that places our subs directly into the 1080p raw video, so go download that one if you are concerned about video quality. That being said, though I'm not involved in the video and editing side of things, I believe that your comments will be taken to heart and improvements made for next week.
the only improvement you need to make is don't do your own encode when it's clear your encoder has no idea what they're doing.
@Kamiyan93 What's the matter with being gay?
IANAE but even if they say that x265's 28 CRF is equivalent to x264's 23 CRF, they both look like mini-mkv to me. The lowest CRF I ever remembered using for x264 was 18.
@Sensei Like everything?
Sound distortion like shit.
man,.... every week there's new drama in nesubs post lol, cant wait for what will happen next week!!!
I just noticed I said lowest, but I actually meant "highest" CRF there earlier, which equates to lower quality.
ugh. give'em honorifics, they complain. don't put honorifics, they complain. use high bitrates or low, ppl complains anyway. you can win with these leechers. anyway, rant aside, I just watched it and it looks pretty good, thank you for providing hevc.