[PPP-Raw] Little Stories of Sleepless Nights 1-2

2019-07-30 20:15 UTC
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Piyo-Piyo Productions presents: Little Stories of Sleepless Nights 1-2 7/30/19 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=21643 (if there’s an anidb entry, I couldn’t find it) https://www.otakubell.com/ Source: Laserdisc Everything PPP-Raw releases is from laserdisc source. At the time of ripping, no DVD or Bluray souce is known to exist. Domesday Edition: This was (partially) captured using a Domesday Duplicator. You can read all about the Domeday Duplicator project at https://www.domesday86.com/?page_id=978. Project notes: What should have been a quick fun one-week project turned into a month-long slog due to a raft of technical issues. Was it worth it? Probably. This is a series of short stories about a cat and his various adventures. Its really cute, and it looks like a lot of fun. There is a third disc out there somewhere, but Orphan has not had any luck tracking it down. If they ever find it, or if I can ever find real employment again (which seems unlikely at this stage), I will revisit this project. So to somewhat delve into technical issues: Some of them were caused by OS issues (a rather bad bug in the WINE layer that has since been corrected), some by the Domesday software. Given that both were ocurring at the same time it was hard to figure out one from the other. The first episode was capped using the Domesday Duplicator. No problems except for the bad audio output v5 of the software currently generates. As with some prior projects, I conventionally capped the episode as well, and applied its audio to the Domesday video, but of course its probably somewhat off by a few fractions of a second. Both versions are included on the DVD conversion. The second episode, however, was more of an issue. The DDD software just output a bunch of blank audio and video for half the disc. At this point I was sick of dealing with the whole thing, so I just kinda threw in the towel and simply provided a straight conventional capture. The colors and brightness are going to be a bit off: The DDD version is the “correct” version, at least if the original was mastered correctly (probably not, based on experience). So, coming up next is a seven disc, 26 episode series. Its the oldest thing I’ve ever capped, and is endangered due to rights issues. What could it be...?

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Wish the third disk will be found. Thank you <3
I hope it's Giant Gorg coming up. I'd love some higher quality Gorg!

toynbeeidea (uploader)

@Saucydogg Giant Gorg is cool - but 1) Discotek has the rights and has released it on DVD in the US, and 2) I've already capped stuff older than that.
This is very rare. Thanks bro you are rockss!!
https://nyaa.si/view/1169582 Third episode has been found, from a VHS source. Many thanks!