[NeSubs / Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 04 (English Softsub)

2019-07-28 21:36 UTC
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English subtitles for Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - Episode 4 (English Softsub) Arm Wrestling / Grown-Up / Bitter Taste / Bicycle (Aired on July 28th, 2019) RAW: Better-Raws (Netflix, 1080p x264 EAC3) Translation: NeSubs, Septet Typesetting/Karaoke: NeSubs Translation Check/Quality Control: Septet Please follow @Ne_Subs on Twitter for future releases. Look forward to Episode 5 next week!

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  • [NeSubs-Septet] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 04 (English Softsub).mkv (1007.3 MiB)

NeonToaster (uploader)

@setsunahenry Better-Raws' rip of the episode is 1080p
Thanks! Super fast!
Thank you so much as always :)
@setsunahenry Get the fuck out of here with your 720p bullshit. #fuckseed
huhu... still waiting on fixed ED part and karaoke of Episode 2...
I don't get why someone want to shout at me? I cannot ask the question?
^ Ignore them. I'd prefer 720p myself for the lower filesize, but I can watch these in 1080p for now, not a huge deal for me.
@Seedsucksit Get the fuck out of here with your bullshit.
Thank you for the hard work guys !
Wish it was on 720p, or at least have smaller file size :/ 1gb for Takagi soft comedy is too much

NeonToaster (uploader)

@egozi44 Yeah, I have no idea why the file size is near a full gigabyte this time around Usually the raw size is about 400MB-600MB and the subtitle file + font cache only adds a very small amount of size on top of that. I wonder if it'll be nearly as big next time
720p is for cheap lazy faggots that can't afford to run something better. 1080p is 1:1 stream off of Netflix, so the point of 720p is a fucking stupid one. #fuckseed
Could you please do x265 versions? Anime can be reduced it ridiculously small file sizes without loss of quality. And I would truly appreciate it. Its important for people who are on limited LTE connections with no unlimited broadband.
Its also easy to do. Install ffmpeg, then from the command line run (from the folder where the video file is): ffmpeg -i "original_x264_file.mkv" -map 0 -c copy -c:v libx265 -c:a libopus "new_x265_file.mkv" You can use handbrake, but you can do the same with the above very fast without worrying about the million settings options. If I can be of some help please message me.
@Seedsucksit Majority of the people in this world live in developing countries and have limited resources. Moreover, when viewing this on a mobile, there is little difference between a 1080p and a 480p. Thats why even horriblesubs makes 480p videos. And thats what I normally download. I hope you can be more considerate in the future.

NeonToaster (uploader)

@hanabi I've had interest in using HEVC to encode in the past, but unfortunately that isn't possible with the machine I'm using as I have a weak PC. It hasn't been much of a problem up until this episode. Better-Raws' release of the RAW was nearly a gigabyte and I found it weird considering the other episodes weren't like that.
Hey, please decide on which tag you wanna use in your next releases. In the title here you use [NeSubs / Septet] but in the file it's [NeSubs-Septet] Just letting you know so automatic downloaders can actually find the releases in the next weeks, because mine didn't pick it up this week. Thanks!
\> Could you please do x265 versions? Anime can be reduced it ridiculously small file sizes without loss of quality. With decent knowledge (which barely any person has than uploads hevc/h265 encodes on nyaa) you can get smaller encodes without sacrifising too much quality. The difference is still not as huge as you would think. However, don't even try without having the knowdlege.
@NeonToaster Yeah, Well no worries~ at least your work is great
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