Little Women Ep 09 English softsub

2019-07-25 13:55 UTC
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Hello everyone! Apologies once again for the extreme delay between these releases. I'm involved in subbing a lot of other things so releases will still be random and heavily delayed. ## Here's Ep 09 of Little Women! :D ![alt text]( **Credits:** *Raw:* From website *Translation, Timing and Typesetting:* asckj1 **Note for playing the video with the subtitle file:** Just keep both the video and subtitle files in one place and play using Media Player Classic (your usual MPC-HC) or VLC Player. If you use VLC Player, you have to add the subtitle track manually from the "Subtitle-> Add subtitle track..." option after you open the video in the player. Enjoy!! :)

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    • Ai_no_Wakakusa_Monogatari_Ep-09_asckj1.ass (4.1 MiB)
    • Ai_no_Wakakusa_Monogatari_Ep-09_asckj1.wmv (199.3 MiB)
Thank you for all your work!
gud job keep it up...
thank you. do you happen to have the link of the complete raw files of this series? the only one i could find is this: but no one seems to be seeding it..

asckj1 (uploader)

@carloloi16 Yeah seeds for most of the raw files on nyaa for this series are not there. But I think you can get the raw files from here-> It's a magnet link, so once the metadata is fully downloaded, you may want to stop the torrent and select only the files for the Little Women Series for downloading. It's series no. 13 on that whole list.
hey asckj1 i just want you to know that we appreciate your work and effort on this series, in our country this anime is so popular way back around 90's when it was still airing, so being able to watch it again bring back alot of memories, i showed this to alot of my friend here and they were like "wow this bring back memories" i hope you can finish this project in the near future, we will always be following you for updates, thanks alot :)

asckj1 (uploader)

@Darkshori Thank you very much for your kind words. Yes. I'll try my best to complete this series as fast as possible.