PreCure Miracle Universe Movie [BD-720][Hi444]

2019-07-22 01:03 UTC
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映画 プリキュアミラクルユニバース Video: H.264/AVC 1280x720 23.976fps [ (Video 1) [Default] (AVC (H.264), High 4:4:4 Profile, Level 5.1, 1280x720, 23.976 fps)] Audio: AAC 48000Hz 2.0 chn [Japanese (Audio 1) [Default] (AAC, 48.0 kHz, 2.0 chn)] I usually do not encode anime and this is my first attempt encoding in Hi444p format, so I wanna thank [LightArrowsEXE]( for help me out understand the basics. I hope this look good for your "eyes", so if I eventually screwed up something in this encode, I'm sorry for that. If you're not into the Hi444p format, you can download [Over-Time]( release, which is a 10-bit/Hi10p encode with basic filtering. Also thanks to both [Ei]( and [Over-Time]( for providing the Blu-ray disc. Both "no-credit" versions of OP and ED are included in this torrent.

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  • PreCure Miracle Universe Movie [BD-720][Hi444]
    • PreCure Miracle Universe Movie - NCED [BD-720][Hi444][AFE22057].mkv (186.3 MiB)
    • PreCure Miracle Universe Movie - NCOP [BD-720][Hi444][34F36C34].mkv (32.2 MiB)
    • PreCure Miracle Universe Movie [BD-720][Hi444][960050A4].mkv (2.3 GiB)
4:4:4 is only really useful if you want to downscale the luma because the anime was made at 720p (or less than 1080p in general if you like meme resolutions) but don't want to downscale the chroma. but that doesn't really apply in this case since the hand drawn animation is 900p and the CGI is 1080p and thus you can just release at 1080p and downscale nothing. technically you could do a 4:4:4 720p encode and a 4:2:0 1080p encode but i just consider the 720p encode for cases like this to be for people with bad computers that can't handle 1080p.