Chocolat no Mahou OVA 09 sub [MovingLines][1080p] v2.mkv

2019-07-20 04:20 UTC
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Here's episode 9 as promised~ This time around, I used Maître instead of sensei because well, he's a 'Maître chocolatier' (a master chocolate maker) and the anime love to use french words for everything chocolate. Next episode in one month when Ciao release it on their website~

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  • Chocolat no Mahou OVA 09 sub [MovingLines][1080p] v2.mkv (155.1 MiB)
Thanks very much, curious are these upscalled?

vaz11111 (uploader)

Probably. Originals were on dvds but Ciao is reposting them in 1080 on their youtube channel. I doubt they remastered them.
Thanks for doing Episodes 1-9 :D Can't wait for 10-13!
Hey, did you not notice that the youtube videos on Ciao have the option for you to add subtitles to the video? in which case anyone in the world could watch the series, with English subtitles, from an official source... I'm on nyaa so obviously I'm not strictly antipiracy, but an opportunity like this is too good to pass up. There's even a box you can check to make sure you're credited for your work under the video. Seriously, I would add them myself, but it appears you offer hardsubs only... it just seems like, if you're willing to go to the trouble of translating and subbing the series, and we're lucky enough that the license-owners actually share the content we want for free, then it's a waste not to take advantage of that.

vaz11111 (uploader)

I didn't notice CIAO allowed for other people to upload subtitles. That sounds strange knowing how japanese are a little overprotective of their copyright. I'm not sure I would take the chance. As for hardsub, the episodes I subtitled are all softsub. To upload them on youtube I think you have to convert the .ass to .srt
Whoops, I got the file types mixed up. My bad. Would you mind if I uploaded your subtitles, then? You wouldn't get credit (it doesn't seem to be possible to upload subtitles under someone else's name, which makes sense), but if you're okay with that I'd be happy to do it myself. It's definitely unusual that they allow uploading subtitles (usually, free anime on youtube isn't even viewable overseas), but I know the Hello Kitty channel has actually encouraged fans to add subtitles in their languages (although English ones are already provided), so perhaps they'd see it as free promotion (which it is).

vaz11111 (uploader)

I don't mind if you do, I just didn't feel great about logging to youtube with my email to put those subtitles =p However, you will have to transform them into .srt and probably remove the overlapping text (as in the names of the characters and other tidbits). Overlapping don't work that great with srt. Oh, another thing, you would need to shift the timing to fit the version they have on their site because I cut out the ciao intro/outtro from the files.