[LostYears] Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) - S01E01 (WEB 1080p Hi10P AAC) [Dual Audio]

2019-07-19 16:29 UTC
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![Fire Force Logo](https://i.imgur.com/d9tlbQY.png "Fire Force Logo") Encode: Scyrous Dialogue TL: Funimation Dialogue Timing: kBaraka Dialogue Editing: CaptainJet Lyrics TL: Sei Lyrics Editing: The0x539 KFX: Solaufein TS: freeka, Solaufein, The0x539 QC: basheer_naimi Please report any issues here or in the linked thread for the eventual batch.

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  • [LostYears] Fire Force - S01E01 (WEB 1080p Hi10P AAC) [2F66701C].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Will LY do Dr Stone using neko-raws?
it would be appropriate, and has been done in Japan yesterday to delay watching this show that focuses on death by fire for a little while.
Handsome release and handsomer staff. I'd like to just leave some notes as well: Big shout out to Sei for helping us with the song tl, not sure what we would've done without that help. Please check them out over at GJM/DDY (and other tags) and enjoy whatever they work on! <3 On the topic of the prayer, since it's something we spent too much time on, we went through a lot of revisions on how to do the Ashes part of it and eventually landed on what we have: "Ash thou art, and unto ash shalt thou return." It's a good bit longer than what's presented in other adaptations, but it didn't cause any timing issues (yet) and fits the Christian overtones (see: plagiarized from Genesis 3:19) present in this aspect of the world. We wanted to keep the feeling of it fitting in a prayer, and while it probably could be compressed to something smaller, we hope you accept and enjoy it nonetheless. We also opted to change "Great Flame of Fire" to something less redundant and more reverent: "Eternal Flame". The OP/ED will eventually receive an update once official lyrics get put out and we get any changes to them. Some additional TS in the OP will (probably) get added in the future as well. We'll leave it up the viewers if they want to delay watching episodes of this show with respect toward the recent KyoAni arson attack, but with the announced delay of episode 3 of this show, we do still plan to release episode 2 and keep up with the show when it continues to air later on. Anyways, please enjoy the release as much as we enjoyed working on it, and hopefully future episodes will not take so long now that the episode 1 blues are finished.
I was wondering what group Sei was with. Thanks to everyone who worked on this!
dual audio means it's trash
>dual audio I can't believe you'd betray us like that, Jet ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/407925004932743184.png?v=1)
Such is life. Also please give me more encodes light ty.
heh, Jet's been doing stuff with LY since like 2017.
>Dialogue TL: Crunchyroll the subs are by funi tho ![](https://emojipedia-us.s3.dualstack.us-west-1.amazonaws.com/thumbs/120/twitter/214/thinking-face_1f914.png)
Call it force of habit, thanks for pointing it out.
Cool staff, this looks lit. Fansub ain't dead yet
thanks! i'm always happy if a group decides to pick up fansubs
Again .. is Dr. Stone part of LY's plans?
All current plans were listed by the team already over at Nandato, and that was never even one considered as far as I can tell.