[Nauti] Kanata no Astra - 01 [1080p][HEVC][ED9C9C01].mkv

2019-07-17 06:22 UTC
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![Episode1](https://nauti.moe/img/astra/TADAH!.png "Episode 1") Hey everyone, Mia here! Nauti is releasing Kanata no Astra this season, and you don't want to miss it! Check out our [start-of-season blog](https://nauti.moe/kanata-no-astra-01-02/) post for the story of how we came to be subbing the show. We're going with an HEVC-only release this season, because it's smaller and more popular on nyaa. If your eyes bleed (or your computer cries) at the mere mention of x265, you can get our sub files at [animetosho](https://animetosho.org/) or [rip them yourself](https://images2.alphacoders.com/160/160322.jpg). As always, there is one subtitle track without honorifics and names in English order (default and marked as "eng") and another subtitle track with honorifics and names in Japanese order (marked as "enm"). Come chat with us on [Discord](https://discord.gg/2qDvbQQ)!

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  • [Nauti] Kanata no Astra - 01 [1080p][HEVC][ED9C9C01].mkv (651.3 MiB)
@Nauti You said in your blog post that you're releasing at 10 PM Central Time on Fridays. So every week around 2-3 days after the episode aired, right? Just asking because Fridays are already stacked.
>there is one subtitle track without honorifics and names in English order why even include this? what's the point?

Nauti (uploader)

@NoAvalon: Yep - we need around 3 days from release in order to ensure good quality and not drive all our staff crazy. Saturdays sounded pretty stacked too, so we didn't worry too much about it. Hopefully the extra traffic gets us some views.

Nauti (uploader)

@IndoMEME: We have a simple syntax (from Daiz) for swapping between the two versions, so it's really not that big of a difficulty. Maybe 10 minutes to run through the script and catch all the cases where differences occur. Some people like one, and some people like the other. Normally, the 'eng' track is what comes with the raws, so nothing is really lost by keeping it around.
some people just can't say thanks ! Thanks for this release
Is this 720p i hope your going to upload a full 1080 the one with the 2.0 gb up
Thank you for this release, I really appreciate version of subtitles with honorifics!