[Xanth] Project A-ko Complete - R2J DVDrip x264 10bit

2019-07-14 21:50 UTC
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## Project A-ko Complete (1986-1990) ## **Project A-ko (Movie, 1986)** **Project A-ko 2 (OVA, 1987)** **Project A-ko 3 (OVA, 1988)** **Project A-ko Final (OVA, 1989)** **A-ko The Vs 1 Grey Side & A-ko The Vs 2 Blue Side (OVA, 1990)** *(referred as PA1-4 and VS1-2 in notes below)* --- Source: R2J DVDISOs from https://nyaa.si/view/1156219 Video: x264/AVC 10bit, PA1: 700x394, 16:9 / PA2: 696x476, 4:3 / PA3-4: 690x474, 4:3 / VS1: 702x478, 4:3 / VS2: 694x464, 4:3 Audio (PA1): Japanese AC3 384Kbps (untouched) + Japanese VA commentary AAC 160Kbps Audio (all others): Japanese AC3 384Kbps (untouched) Subtitles: Tsundere subs + many corrections, edits and additions --- For the first movie, the LD version is far superior and you should get BluDragon's excellent release of it (https://nyaa.si/view/178769). In all the DVD versions (as far as I know), besides having considerably worse quality, video is *cropped* to WS (and then released as letterboxed to make it completely useless as a DVD in modern times). #### Video notes: Things done: - IVTC - rainbow removal (rainbowing was nasty throughout, some leftovers in a couple of scenes) - reduced halos (PA1-4 light and VS1-2 moderate filtering) - reduced line shimmering (lower strength method to prevent excessive ghosting) - removed screen shake (PA1-4) - noise reduction (PA1-4 very light, VS1-2 moderate) - slight resize for AR issues (PA1) #### Audio notes: - PA1 commentary track was encoded to 160Kbps AAC to save 135MB. #### Subtitle notes (changes to Tsundere subs): - all "episodes": subtitle positioning slightly adjusted, typo fixes, line joins, other minor edits - PA1: fixed a (sign) font issue, added missing lines, added lyrics for insert songs and ED - PA2: fixed some timing errors and a couple of bad/wrong lines - PA3: one timing fix, added ED lyrics - PA4: changed font for the Nyarlathotep chant ;) - VS02: added missing "signs" (Location names on screen), one timing fix -X

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  • [Xanth]_Project_A-ko_Complete_R2JDVDrip_AC3_x264_10b
    • [Xanth]_(PA1)_Project_A-ko_R2JDVDrip_AC3+AAC_x264_10b_[CFEAA8F5].mkv (1.1 GiB)
    • [Xanth]_(PA2)_Project_A-ko_2_R2JDVDrip_AC3_x264_10b_[719B34CE].mkv (625.8 MiB)
    • [Xanth]_(PA3)_Project_A-ko_3_R2JDVDrip_AC3_x264_10b_[6FD678C4].mkv (505.2 MiB)
    • [Xanth]_(PA4)_Project_A-ko_Final_R2JDVDrip_AC3_x264_10b_[378AAF4D].mkv (696.3 MiB)
    • [Xanth]_(VS1)_A-ko_The_Versus_1_Grey_Side_R2JDVDrip_AC3_x264_10b_[83DB219C].mkv (885.1 MiB)
    • [Xanth]_(VS2)_A-ko_The_Versus_2_Blue_Side_R2JDVDrip_AC3_x264_10b_[49E4CEBF].mkv (817.4 MiB)
Another favorite of mine. Thanks.
So is this release superior to Tsundere's one only in terms of subtitles? It has also smaller size - I wonder what it means.
Ryuuneko from my limited understanding these are not cropped and upscaled to be to be DVD or blu ray spec, these are about as max quality as you can get just not scaled up and talking up more space with more video issues,ect so you can use your player to scale it and toss a filter on top of that if you want.

Xanth (uploader)

Tsundere was downscaled to 640x480 (640x384 for the first movie) and looks unfiltered, so the rainbows, halos and line shimmers are "intact" in their release. Comparing random frames I can safely say mine is definitely better for PA1-4 in every sense I can think of. Now for VS1-2, I went with heavier filtering so a little bit of background detail was inevitably lost, so that point goes to the Tsundere version. But it's a balancing act, in most cases I always want to preserve detail as priority, but in this case the almost seizure-inducing levels of rainbows and shimmering make the Tsundere version unwatchable for me. It's a matter of taste and/or opinion, I suggest comparing them yourself and picking the one you prefer, that's what I usually do. About the file sizes, filtering of course makes a lot of difference, but also Tsundere encoded at crf15 which is perhaps a little bit overkill for this one. Mine is crf17 for PA1-4, and crf16 for VS1-2 (which have more and higher detailed motion scenes).
Thank you for explaining. And for the release.
Sankyuu and seed please!

Xanth (uploader)

>Sankyuu and seed please! All my releases are permanently seeded on a seedbox.