Space Cruiser Yamato - Guardian of the Galaxy [1080p]

2019-07-14 12:07 UTC
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Video: 8 Bit Audio: AC3 Subs: SRT (Signs) Now this is a blu ray version of the first space Battleship Yamato released way back in the day under the title "Space Cruiser Yamato: Guardian of the Galaxy". I worked on restoring this timeless piece to the blu ray release over the course of a month many years ago and I hope you enjoy my efforts. I'll also see about getting it uploaded to MEGA sometime soon. [![Space-Cruiser-Yamato---Guardian-of-the-Galaxy-1080p.mkv_thumbs_2019.07.14_13.04.58.jpg](]( STAFF PRESENTED BY: Academy Co, Ltd. BASED ON ORIGINAL STORY BY: Yoshinobu Nishizaki SCREEN PLAY WRITTEN BY: Eiichi Yamamoto & Keisuke Fujikawa MUSIC COMPOSED BY: Hiroshi Miyagawa SOUND DIRECTOR: Atumi Tashiro EFFECTS BY: Mituru Kashiwabara ANIMATION DIRECTOR BY: Noboru Ishiguro CHIEF ANIMATOR BY: Yutaka Ashida EDITED BY: Masatoshi Turubuchi ARTS DIRECTOR: Leji Matumoto FILMS BY: Tokyo Laboratory Co., Ltd. PRODUCTION ASSISTANT: Osamu Hirooka ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Kazunori Tanahasi ENGLISH VERSION PRODUCED BY: Benard Tabakin WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Gino Tanasescu EDITED BY: Bill Shippey VOICES BY: Marvin Miller, Rex Knolls, Paul Shiveley, Mercy Goldman, Jerry Hrland, Larry Barrel, Dudley Coleman RECORDED AT: Audio Services, Los Angeles PRODUCED & DIRECTED: Yoshinobu Nishizaki

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Dubby? Subby? Bit of both?


User!PHB3gSQR!8zwdCn7wIIXWFwdvmq38VI9NpkE3Pb2X25mHHlT9OMM MEGA link It's a fan edit of the English dub fo the compilation film, which removes an hour of footage and changes a few names.
Yeah. This is shit. You must really have your nostalgia nut on if you think the butchered, censored and horribly dubbed "Star Blazers" is worth watching. The rest of you, seek out the original Uchuu Senkan Yamato OR the excellent reboots Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 and Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202. Since they aren't "localized" they aren't garbage. But this... this is fucking garbage. A great example of how American licensors take Japanese properties and turn them into steaming piles of shit.


Technically this has no connection with Star Blazers, as it was released beforehand, in an attempt to release Yamato in the west. It keeps the original ship name, while Star Blazers changed it to Argo. I mean, it isn't the best way to experience the story, but preserving these efforts is quite nice.

chillock (uploader)

Jesus stealthmomo take that stick outta your backside and get a grip
Sorry. . .agreed with stealthmomo. . .while I understand the premise why chillock did this it really is crap. Flame me all you want and it is just my opinion, but you lost the "spirit" of the series with this butchered compilation. . .