[Pragmatico Holdings] Domestic na Kanojo Volume 22 Limited Edition (WebRip 1280x720 & 1920x1080)

2019-07-12 18:34 UTC
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Hi, I share with us the bonus content from volume 22. This volume includes 3 anime episodes and some postals. Due to playpic.jp is encrypted with videwine, I have recorded the 3 episodes with OBS. In addition, the first two episodes are in 720p but the next episodes are in 1080p (I don't know why). Finally, the scans were shared by nylon66-2nd (http://blog.livedoor.jp/nylon66-2nd/) except the scan number 8 which I have scanned.

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  • Domestic na Kanojo Volume 22
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      • 6.jpg (240.3 KiB)
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      • 8.jpg (831.8 KiB)
    • Episode 1.mp4 (161.3 MiB)
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thanks!! do you have vol. 23 (episodes 4-6) ?
@paoalmyro Yes, I have. I will upload but I want to see the feedback.
I hope you'll make a batch with all the episodes :c
@Reydux Probably not but don't discard it.
Thank you very much. It is great.
Did playpic include the opening and ending creditless?
Please upload Free S3 Creditless OP & ED
Please, upload the other ones
I downloaded your videos. You said you wanted feedback, so I have some advises for you: 1 - Improve audio. The quality is low. For some reason sounds like 64kbps but it is not it. 2 - Record everything and edit properly. Episode 2 it's incomplete, it missed the firsts seconds. If you want some help, contact me by e-mail: hwcsenden@gmail.com He descargado tus videos. Dijiste que querías feedback, así que tengo algunos consejos para ti: 1 - Mejora el audio. La calidad es baja. Por alguna razón suena como 64kbps pero no lo es. 2 - Graba todo y edita de forma correcta. El episodio 2 está incompleto, le faltan los primeros segundos. Si quieres ayuda, contáctame por e-mail: hwcsenden@gmail.com
Thanks I was going crazy looking fo these! Hope to see the rest, I''l seed as much as possible ^^
Any update about Episodes 4-6?
please upload V23,thanks bro。
No NCOP and NCED in playpic @paopalmyros I want to fix the fails who @TheHWNJ has commented and then, I will make it. @inkleung
not done yet..?
Continue waiting u.u @inkleung
I come here and check every single day......So sad...
Upload V23 please, eps 4-6, thanks