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2019-07-12 18:03 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Okaa-san Online - 01 [1080p].mkv (775.1 MiB)
IIRC the title was longer lol
And there it is, the dumbest show of the season. Time to strap in.
The blessed time has come for MILFs to banish lolis
From **"Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?"** to **"Okaa-san Online"**
@ Sieg_Zeon ... LOL, now now, let's not get too hostile towards those adorable loli's ... after all, over the years there has been such wonderful manga/anime like Kodomo no JIkan :-D ... and how can anyone forget the wonderful feels/hugs of a manga/anime like Happy Sugar Life ;-) ... and if you want something a bit deeper, there's always Kemurikusa, ya gotta love super powered loli's like that :-D
I remember the book being frustrating to read... I think it's kinda ridiculous this was animated...... but I guess there are worse so meh.
this is not only a Isekai season, but also the JC staff one how many animes did they do this summer most I've ever seen
>From “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?” to “Okaa-san Online” Well, it does get the message across...
Kayano Ai as a mom... I never thought I needed this in my life until now.
Anime was a mistake.
i write this here. while i know that this show will probably not make it far into the plot. i must write this here. if the MC of this series never ever bones his mom. i will fucking destroy all of japan and their cockblocking bullshit light novel fad. i will make the streets run red with jealous otaku blood and faggot industry executives who are afraid of any kind of controversy. my tale will be so epic that it will revolutionize the anime industry into having dozens of glorious CHAD MCs who are not afraid to fuck their mothers and their sisters and their cousins and even their childhood friends. witness me.
Thanks and the people that hating on this show, we love you too!
Bring on the stretch marks baby
@ naskr ... yeah, this one is totally stupid ... a "mom" that looks like a teenager with tits WAY too big ... and completely stupid dialog @ ap1234 ... actually, the person you would really need to kill, the one who is most responsible for Japan's completely idiotic censorship and most of their current ideas about morality ....... is already dead, he died in 1964 ... it was Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who after Japan surrendered, became the defacto ruler of Japan until control was returned to the Japanese in 1949 ... besides forcing the Japanese to accept an American style constitution, and doing his best to wreck a lot of the old Japanese ways things were done, he also forced his own personal Victorian era morality down the throats of the Japanese (MacArthur was born in January of 1880, the Victorian era was the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1937 until her death in 1901) ... Victorian era ideas about morality are insanely restrictive compared to today, and compared to the way things were in Japan prior to WW2
I'd just like to remind the angry incels who came here looking for incest that the NSFW side is easily accessible with the "Fap" link at the top.
This anime is every man's dream... except WHY did it have to be his OWN mom. It would have been perfect if they'd drop the god damn incest. Edit: Nvm, this is weeb trash.
your mom is OP anime..... and honestly @aHalokid...........your portrait ....well...that make you look like a very suspicious person.
@betazephaniel no problem here duhhh (waving hand), i found it entertain me while reading it. may be because i am an Asian who grew up with japanese anime and manga... @komugi you forget what kind of crisis from an amercan culture bloom in japan back in those years. beside from junk food that killed many original recipe of japanese traditional food. it also did bring in a bs american dream that come with a careless life style money management which lead to a huge dept on credit card to japan in those years too. lucky that lately, japan seem can recover them self and did recover most of thing that lost in that horrible years. may be this why japan today seem keep distance with american especially when come to military thing....yeah along with many countries in asia and south east asia as well.
Imagine actually being triggered by based incest
is this the new seasons of SAO :D
The title enough is interesting but the plot is mediocre, I would not expect anything unless this turn into an incest though that'll change everything.