You're Under Arrest the Movie (BDRip 1918x1080p x265 HEVC FLAC, FLAC, FLAC, AAC)(Dual Audio)[sxales]

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![alt text]( "You're Under Arrest the Movie") > Bokutou Precinct rarely deals with criminals more nefarious than speeding sports car drivers. So when the officers Nikaidou Yoriko and Aoi Futaba find a cache of illegal firearms in a stolen car, and a rash of traffic control malfunctions snarls traffic along Tokyo's streets, it is up to Tokyo's finest to figure out what has gone wrong. And of course, it will take the talents of Kobayakawa Miyuki and Tsujimoto Natsumi to crack the case. But will Miyuki's trusty Mini-Pat and Natsumi's fierce determination be enough to stop a devious mastermind from exploiting the weaknesses of the system, crippling Tokyo — and the world — for good? [Source anidb]( Re-encoded from [QTS's raw]( with subtitles and English audio from Anime-Takeover. Dual Audio: Japanese (5.1 FLAC and Stereo FLAC), English (Stereo AAC). Includes Audio Commentary track although I couldn't find an subtitles for it. I also converted the DTS-HDMA 5.1 Japanese audio track to FLAC to save about 1GB of space. The English audio track is fairly low bitrate but it was the best copy that I could find; I assume it is the ADV dub (for anyone looking to keep track). Here is hoping they release a BD for the original series some day. [DDL](!m2ZyUSJZ!gYumn_CKw4F42003narXtg) I would appreciate any help seeding (seriously, my connection is crap)…

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  • You're Under Arrest the Movie (1999)
    • You're Under Arrest the Movie (BDRip 1918x1080p x265 HEVC, FLAC, FLAC, FLAC, AAC)(Dual Audio)[sxales].md5 (141 Bytes)
    • You're Under Arrest the Movie (BDRip 1918x1080p x265 HEVC, FLAC, FLAC, FLAC, AAC)(Dual Audio)[sxales].mkv (3.7 GiB)
Thanks for the subs! It is retimed in the QTS raw :)