(shiteater) Oishinbo 005 [1C0E490E]

2019-07-11 09:42 UTC
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https://shiteatersubs2.wordpress.com shiteatersubs presents Oishinbo episode 005 in Japanese with English subtitles. Translated by: Moho Kareshi Transcribed & TL Checked by: TougeWolf Edited & Timed by: shiteaterbubibinman Special Thanks to: moryatee Our eternal thanks to Moho Kareshi for his heavenly translation. Special thanks to moryatee for sharing his amazing encodes for this series. We're excited to welcome our new member, TougeWolf, who has agreed to help us check and transcribe the translations for this and possible future episodes of Oishinbo. We want to thank him very much for his help. Also thanks to the folks who follow our lil' fansub club here, we know you've been clamoring for more Oishinbo, we hope you enjoy! --- "Newspaper columnist Shiro Yamaoka and his rookie partner Yuko Kurita continue their research into writing “The Ultimate Menu,” a series of articles on gourmet food. Wanting to take a break from eating at high-class restaurants, Yamaoka and Kurita decide to check out the local street vendors' stalls and come across an interesting soba cart owned by an amateur soba chef. When the police show up asking for his permit, they find that the soba chef doesn't have one yet, and they're about to haul him in when Police Inspector Nagamasuke stops them and orders a bowl of soba. He enjoys the flavor of the noodles but doesn't enjoy the broth, so he gives the soba chef one month to improve the soba broth or he'll have his permit application denied. Yamaoka tries to advise the chef to seek help on how to improve his broth but he's too stubborn; yet that doesn't stop Yamaoka from finding a way to try to help him anyhow."

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Thanks very much! PLease keep this series going!


shiteater saving anime
Fantastic, I'm looking forward to seeing 6!