[NeSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - 01 (English Softsub)[V2]

2019-07-10 22:51 UTC
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English subtitles for Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - Episode 1 (English Softsub) Version 2. Textbook / Hypnotism / Waking Up / Skipping Stones (Aired on July 7th, 2019) This is a reupload of my original softsub release of Episode 1. The original one has been removed. The following changes have been made: * Updated raw quality from 720p to 1080p * Subtitles are now larger, making them easier to read * Vertical text margins have been increased * Added in honorifics * Small tweaks to styling, timing, and translation RAW: Better-Raws (Netflix) Translation/Typesetting/Timing: NeSubs Special Thanks: Ninty, Septet (for quality control) I'd like to thank you all for your support and feedback on my original release. I'm committed to making a quality release that you all will enjoy, so I hope you stick around for the rest of my releases of this anime! Please follow @Ne_Subs on Twitter for future releases. Episode 2 will be out next week! Look forward to it!

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  • [NeSubs] Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 - Episode 1 (English Softsub)[V2].mkv (466.3 MiB)
you don't need to mark your own v2 as a remake
Thanks for the update! Looking forward to episode 2.
Thanks, man. Keep it up!
I'm looking forward to it:)
>Added in honorifics What for

NeonToaster (uploader)

@Kamiyan93 A few people suggested that I do. I thought that it wasn't that big of a deal, so I went ahead and added them in.
>A few people *a few retards
^Nah, don't listen to this fool. If he want's proper English so bad he can wait for the dub.

NeonToaster (uploader)

@Spectre77 Honestly, I prefer them to be left out too, but my QC person pointed out that I could possibly run into complications down the road if I omit them, so they'll stay for now.
Haha are you gonna just ignore what herkz said. Also if you don't know japanese why would you not want honorifics, why not having them is better at that point if you can't tell them by listening or a newbie not have understanding of how they are used...if you do understand it then it shouldn't matter.


Good enough for me. Thanks for doing this!
Thanks for the inclusion of the honorifics.
Ok i think will not wait for the season to end would go with this sub, Thanks hope you continue till the end and honorifics are fine don't listen to fricks.
didn't asakura announced they will do it too ? guess I'll stick with the faster release
@nabiru3 Yes, it will be coming
awesome! hope you got better.
Please keep honorifics in. They're important to better understand the characters' relationships. E.g. Mano saying Takagi-chan instantly tells us that Takagi and Mano are friends. If there was an equivalent in English then it'd make a lot more sense to omit them but there isn't. Leaving honorifics out because some small number of people might not understand them is stupid, since most people watching this anime will know what honorifics are. The first time someone sees an honorific they're either gonna google it or ignore it anyway. Edit: forgot to say, thanks so much for subbing this :)
I only watched V1 but I didn't find it unwatchable or anything. As long as there's nothing annoying like grammar mistakes it's fine. Don't stress too much about the comments.
Komi-san bless you for letting honorifics.
v1 looked very good to me, this one i won't be able to watch because my system is too old for 1080p... If you do more episodes, add a separate subtitle file, please! (as i asked in the previous torrent) It sucks to download 500MB only to extract the subs... [edit] i just noticed that you have a website. you can put the separate subs files there if you like.
I'm good with almost everything, proper translation, honorifics, nice styled font.. Only thing that bothers me is the warning at the start of the ep, feels unnecessary
They all complaining about honorifics being useless... I don't mind it either way until the subtitles get super awkward when suddenly the dialog is about or the omission of them. And that kind of event is honestly not that uncommon in this type of show. Though I don't get the kind of entitlement to subtitles is general. Striving for quality is one thing. Being an ass about it is another. And the honorific debate is kinda subjective too, even when some people supposedly know better, so their opinions are the facts. I'll just take what I can get in the meantime. Thanks.
Thanks for this! Don't mind the elitist pricks that feel the need to shit over other people's opinions just because they don't agree with them. That's basically the norm in here, for better or worse. :( Whether subs have honorifics or not makes not the slightest difference to me. As long as I get non-rubbish subs so I can watch the shows I cannot understand without them, I'm happy. Regardless of whether or not they're littered with honorifics! :D
I like the the subs and I enjoyed it . Great job. Keep it up :D
Thank you for your release, and thank you x1000 for including honorifics, please don't remove them from future episodes just because a few people get their pantsu in a bunch about them being included. Any true anime fan who has been watching anime for 20+ years, since the time when all fansubs were created by people who were passionate about what they were subbing (as opposed to the big business it is now) and cared aboout proper translations with honorifics, tl notes etc, love the inclusion of honorifics in any fansub release.
@temp10min if you want just the subtitles, just download them from animetosho.org for this torrent.
I'd rather have honorifics than that cringe "Mr. / Mrs." or other unfitting shit the paid streaming sites like to do. So thanks for the subs either way.
Dude, I can chime in if you need any help with the translation. Fluent translations while maintaining accuracy and nuance are my thing.
@salarx thank you, but i already watched the first version. i was speaking about future episodes. That site is very useful though. bookmarked!
using honorifics is a subjective opinion. if anyone wants to remove them for their personal use ,go ahead. you people don't even have to watch this release if that irritates you. stop giving the guy trouble for something so little. at least this is a fairly good translation.
I think for shows like Takagi-san for instance, having the honorifics help a bit. But that's just my opinion. I don't side one way or the other in regards to them, so I wouldn't care much. However, I still would of liked a 720p to keep filesize down since I don't archive 1080's for various reasons.
Thank you very much for the subs (watched v1), really looking forward to episode 2 with the included honorifics! Will you keep using the " - Episode X" name or are you going to change it to simply " - XX"?
Just make your own 720p or (whatever)p if you like decreased quality.
Being from and in Japan, YES to honorifics. I work in the anime and manga realms and we cringe and sigh when see see them stripped out by Western fans ...if is like building a beautiful house and leaving off the front door. We practice respect in Japan in all things possible and honorifics are as natural and as needed for us as air to breath. I am sorry to see fans here and elsewhere playing big shot and bullying others for caring about quality in the wrong ways and attacking earnest and sincere people like you who do their best and create decent fan subs. Well done and please keep going. Use a good troll filter when reading these comments and believe in yourself and your effort. どうもありがとうございました
Gib episode 2
Please, keep the honorifics.
Thank you very much!
16:07 she says ちゃんと寝なよ, it's not negative, she's telling her to take a good night sleep that day for sure. Other than that, thanks a bunch.
Thanks for the sub. Good to see that many people here want the honorifics. (Well real fans are want it) Honorifics are important.because in lot of series it can be important plot device. @SILVER "using honorifics is a subjective opinion. if anyone wants to remove them for their personal use ,go ahead. you people don’t even have to watch this release if that irritates you. stop giving the guy trouble for something so little. at least this is a fairly good translation." It's not something little. it's a really important thing for a proper sub.
What's the difference between Hardsub and Softsub?