[GSK_kun] Mahoutsukai no Yome - 24 V2 [BD] [720p] [Dual Audio] [FLAC]

2019-07-10 14:21 UTC
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Everyone there was little fumble by me. In ep 24, audio went out of sync after certain chapter so fixed it. For some reason USBD removed the ending song as well, so added the ending song from JP and synched it. Change has been reflected on [Mega](https://mega.nz/#!cuoCgIqS!6X6b0oE23riiQOkpbH-WV6d0vwsGmUqIiJJdKGY4t-o) as well. I could have included the patch but it went over 600mb because of two new audios so at this point it's better to get muxed mkv. Please download the new mkv. I am sorry for trouble caused. Now everything should sound as it should be. Main Torrent- [Mahoutsukai no Yome](https://nyaa.si/view/1157214)

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  • [GSK_kun] Mahoutsukai no Yome - 24 V2 [BD] [720p] [Dual Audio] [FLAC] [599711C4].mkv (804.9 MiB)

gsk_ (uploader)

I would appreciate if you have given some kinda description not just link. If you are asking if I am doing it then yes, I am.
hey gsk_ I thought you weren't doing 1080p heh. Quick question though, will you do the OVA for the 720p as I grabbed your release but would like to know if you'll do them eventually.

gsk_ (uploader)

Unfortunately OVA never got any dub even in USBD, so there's nothing that I can do in it. Yes I will be doing OVA but only subbed version in 1080p not for 720p. You have to grab Neko version for that. If you don't mind extra space I suggest going for 1080p since it will be one package and I am polishing the subs a little and this time I am going with a precision of 1-2ms in audio syncing. So overall it will be a top notch quality release. Reason why I said I am not doing 1080p was because at that point there was no good 1080p raw to work with but now you have Beatrice and I saw till ep 12 and I really liked the visuals in this, so that changed my mind.
gsk_, sorry about that. I was all over the place yesterday and tired as hell, so I just pasted the link. Yes, I was interested if you would mux the Beatrice release together with Dual-audio and subs. Thanks for that sweety! See you around, OK?

gsk_ (uploader)

@FrostbiteStardust nah no problem, I am glad you are enjoying my work. But deployment of such huge torrent is always a big task to me because of my caps on bandwidth. If you like my releases consider seeding with ratio of one. That will help doing other releases.
@gsk_ no worries man, I'll keep an eye out since you'll use a HEVC release compare to the x264 I currently have. Good luck with the subs and the timing :)
gsk_, I will seed, I promise.