Solo leveling 1 - 78 PDF

2019-07-08 11:41 UTC
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My first torrent. This is a complete PDF I made that includes all the solo leveling chapters to date. Please help seed and enjoy.

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  • solo leveling 1 - 78.pdf (1.2 GiB)
hi impy101 so i saw that some page where misplaced in the pdf so i made my own version. if you want to host it here are the files since i dont know how to do it!7EkAVKpR!jUQlkaNl6fOeqiZDkTJsVg
The light novel
@FelixA02 How do you do that to put them all in a PDF? and when you want to add more chapters how do you do that as well? If you know. Thanks!
@FelixA02 Do you still update your files?
@sleightt so what i use is this application to download all the images after youve done the update after opening it. i download the image from this site using this link and the tool i use to make it in pdf is called if the software doesent work then i use this online website to do the job but it has a max of 300mb per file so you have to split the manga in smaller pieces
@Mighty_Action_X if you want to i could or at least i could upload the chapter in pdf files individually
Is this official version?
Anyone wanting the updated version upto chapter 90, message me on discord nitishh08#4692