R2J Dragon Ball Z - episode 24 fix & more

2019-07-06 19:32 UTC
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### This torrent includes a fix for the hard-interlaced episode 24 of R2J Dragon Ball Z and some customized versions of episode 1. I used [Vapoursynth](http://www.vapoursynth.com/) to edit the video and [ffmpeg](https://ffmpeg.org/) to encode it. #### Frame comparisons: * [Fix of part 1 of episode 24:](http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/2JJFNNNU) here I meant R2J IVTC'd + R1**US** combined; and that's the version I'm uploading here. * [Part1 of episode 1 without any black bars on the sides or top](http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/PKLPNNNX) and [part2 (this one is way worse in the original).](http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/2FBCNNNU) * [Hue remap test for episode 1 (also without black bars):](http://www.framecompare.com/image-compare/screenshotcomparison/2F91NNNU) this version has no openning, ending nor NEP, that's why it's smaller. The hue remap is of course far from perfect. The colors are not completely right and there are artifacts. I'm not white balancing it and not changing the gamma, saturation or value. I've also made an encode using AV1 codec for video and OPUS codec for audio to test how much it can be compressed without losing too much quality.

File list

  • DBZ dragon box - tests & fixes
    • Dragon Ball Z - 001 [av1 + opus].mkv (380.4 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball Z - 001 [hue remapped].mkv (977.3 MiB)
    • Dragon Ball Z - 001 [no black bars].mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • Dragon Ball Z - 024 [no interlacing].mkv (1.4 GiB)
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Romao (uploader)

@OMER It has Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese audio only. I won't add anything to this Google Drive account and I might even lock it since it's getting overexposed.
Hahahaha. Omer deleted his own comment after he realised how dumb he was.
@ZZZ-DragginBall-ZZZ, You are perfect example of stupidity, you started commenting unnecessarily when you realised how dumb you are Ignoring real useless dumbasses is the best way to prevent this unnecessary comments
Saying "R1US" is kind of oxymoron because R1 is indeed for US/CA (they both get the same releases). However, R2J has meaning on its own because there's R2 PAL and R2 NTSC, so R2J identifies exactly which country it is. More info here about DVD Regions if anyone's not clear about it @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD_region_code
RIP ZZZ-DragginBall-ZZZ RIP English
@Romao alright! Do you have the Brazilian Portuguese dub could share with me?? I would be really grateful if you can because it is too heavy for me to download each remux just to extract the portuguese audio ?
Tentei entrar no Discord, mas o link expirou :/ Você tem as dublagens brasileiras de todos os episódios? Me passa seu Discord ou me manda um novo, por favor! Valeu.
Please seed if someone has completed it, I am stuck at 50% with 16 b/s/ Just need episode 24