[HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaiba - 14 [1080p].mkv

2019-07-06 16:05 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Kimetsu no Yaiba - 14 [1080p].mkv (848.8 MiB)
Still no fix for episode 13 bros
**Sieg_Zeon:** I don't think they care! Otherwise they would have fixed it.
What was the issue with ep 13?
Corrupted video. Get it from other groups.
Inosuke a cute
Episode was hilarious, inosuke was so fvking interesting. Not a corrupted video though, there's a lot of seeders and you can see it for yourself
**@KinSenpai:** We are talking about the previous episode. Episode 13 video is corrupted and HorribleSubs needs to fix it.
Was it just a few seconds like in the last One Punch Man S2? I watched through all of ep 13 when it came out and didn't notice anything too major but I did notice one scene where it looked like it glitched out. Just ignored it. Got a timestamp?
DM the HS mods instead of complaining here
The animation is sucked
And so the comedy trio is complete. Now we have our MC, a blonde wuss and a musclehead.
the only thing that corrupted episode 13 was crunchyroll subs. I watched it all the way though with MPC-HC no issues