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  • [HorribleSubs] UchiMusume - 01 [720p].mkv (254.2 MiB)
That's what makes it good ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Will it have the same crappy end ? It is worse than lolicon.
Their relationship is sweet af though. Sadly the anime probably won't reach that point.
Dammit, Dale.
>Lalatina is a hardcore masochist degenrate >Latina ends up developing feelings for her father figure Lesson here: Don't name your daughter Latina if you don't want her to develop weird fetishes
He's not her father nor related by blood you retards.
That's why I said "father figure". If the author didn't want them to be seen as (NBR) father and daughter, surely he could've chosen another title. I'm not saying it's bad, mind you. I was just making a joking comment linking to Konosuba because of the name similarity (Lalatina and Latina).
I hope this doesn't take a weird turn lol
^ I hope it does lmao
^ even better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
The whole internet loves UchiMusume, a lovely story about young adventurer and his adorable adopted devil daughter \*3 volumes later\*
nahhh it better than she end up become a tomato sauce like the certain show.
>Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai. Filing this is going to be fun
This seems wholesome.
gag, loli time again. and what is with the big thick animation trend? three of the new ones all show clear signs that they are made by crappy CGI tool sets with huge blocky shapes and crude line art. sigh. I will wait for the JC Staff ones they at least know how to animate still. and what a slew of "game stories" .... guess this will be another summer of Sword Art third Generation.
With a name like Latina it's not surprising why it would not go Usagi Drop. Latina's are hot. Waifu raising is a go.
AdamEve put up a few billion to pay for better animation to get rid of the CGI, CGI has gotten cheap enough to be used in most things on top of that you are being paid a tiny bit above min wage to work 24/7, so soemthign has to give either they stop making anime or use CGI.
ZippyDSMlee completely agreed with you. - downloaded animes freely on a torrent site, for FREE - criticize the quality of the animation i can understand if people dont like the storyline itself, but to hate a story because it used possibly inferior and cheaper animation, while downloading the said animation freely on internet, like really? are you serious boi? be grateful peeps, beggar can't be chooser
Normalfags btfo.
@havis23 Of course they can. You can have the storyline in the original form, be it LN or manga. Anime is about animation. People who have read the source material want to see their favorite moments animated, not shitty still shots plus CGI.
@AdamEve cmon dude, some time you have to accept the reality of this day industrial. 3d cgi is much much cheaper than the drawing 2d and budget tight also always there. infact without cheap cgi the anime such as jojo can't be remake (its old 2d ova of jojo look a lot like fist of north star more than jojo) because of the art style from manga is very unique. if make it by drawing 2d it will come with an insane price.
The good news is a new Shinkai's movie will be in the theater this month. The bad news is you have to wait for BD.
The art is shit. The loli is an oversweetened kawaii plot device. It's exuding as much positivity and good naturedness as it possibly can. Yep, this one's doomed.
@dnbdave lol! A concise review, which does a decent job of summing it up. My response: 1) Eh, I think the art's OK. Thought the proportions on his sword were off (the crosspiece of the hilt is way too wide, for one.) But on the whole, it'll do. The focus isn't the art in this story, after all. 2) Yeppers. Just as she is in the LN. Volume 8 of which is in preorder status for the digital English translation. Everything revolves around her. It's all about her and how people react to her. Dale may be the primary MC, but she's the maypole around which everyone dances. 3) You have no idea. This is just the tip of the iceberg. (Hint: notice how the hardened adventures were blushing while looking at her in the tavern? Combine 2&3 to obtain mascot/idol status...) Although it does have it's dark sections later on. (like, broken horn branding her as a criminal, exiled with father, just what's behind all that?)(The title is not hyperbole, but foreshadowing.) 4) It depends upon how the established fanbase reacts. And how those unfamiliar with the LN/Manga react. It's not going to be one of those that runs for years and years; the main story arc is finished with the 6th LN, what's after that is side stories, etc.and I'm not sure how far that can be pushed. There really isn't anything other than slice of life left after the main story is complete. I'm a LN fanboi, I'll admit. So far I don't have any significant quibbles with the Anime's presentation (other than the sword hilt, which really grated on my nerves.)
@ ZippyDSMlee & @ boneknocker ... yeah CGI has gotten cheaper as computers got faster and more powerful ... and yeah the anime industry generally only pays crap wages to its workers ... sadly ... the "use the cheapest method possible" is not just giving us CGI anime instead of the older actual drawn style ... it has infected the manga community as well ... with texture mapping and bulk-fill/coloring techniques used by mangaka to save time ... bulk-fill texture mapping used to fill in the texture and color of a character's clothing, giving it a VERY artificial look, instead of the old days when the color/patterns of a character's clothing would actually be correctly drawn
Time for the AOTY. I absolutely loved the book series.
You can't trust these studios man ...
siht si kcuf eht tahw ?
LN's lol. Book, manga, anime... each is a distinctive medium and none of them translate between each other with any real equivalency. Maybe it's just the art but this one reminds me of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. No one else remembers that forgettable filler shit though and this will be just like it a couple seasons from now too. Outlook: Poor
@ killingstalking ... oh hell no ... Usagi Drop was a great story ... this one is not even close