[ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Detonation (720p BD x264 AACx2.0) + Vivid LIFE vol. 1-4 in torrent description

2019-07-04 00:04 UTC
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**UPDATED:** All four volumes of Vivid LIFE are now available in English: **[Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid LIFE (English) \[ron\].zip](https://mediafire.com/?7bbvwh4dfvsxje0)** \________________________________________________________ This movie's official subs were noticeably worse than Reflection's which were already awful. I immediately gave up on editing them and just started from scratch. I did a tally of their translation mistakes this time. I did not count lines that had poor grammar, vague meanings, or awkward phrasings since that might've included about half the script. Judging by that lenient standard, **the official BD subs had 231 mistranslated lines**. They were utter garbage. They even got the movie's ending completely wrong. The video is my own rip and encode using the same settings as always. The 720p version is 8-bit and should play on almost any device that supports softsubs while the 1080p version is 10-bit for those seeking the highest quality. This 1080p copy is twice as big as Reflection's, but it's simply due to this video not compressing nearly as well because of constant motion and gradients in the backgrounds. The 1080p MKV also includes a surround sound audio track in addition to the same stereo track as the 720p version. And in case you need to catch up on the series, here's the past four years' worth of Nanoha BDs. I've got a seedbox hosting them, but any help is very appreciated. Please note that the torrent descriptions include links to assorted extras. 2016 - **\[ron\] Nanoha Vivid BD batch** - [**10-bit 1080p**](//nyaa.si/view/877343) or [**8-bit 720p**](//nyaa.si/view/877931) 2017 - **\[ron\] Vivid Strike! BD batch** - [**10-bit 1080p**](//nyaa.si/view/915118) or [**8-bit 720p**](//nyaa.si/view/915117) \(lots of translated extra links in these descriptions\) 2018 - **\[ron\] Nanoha Reflection BD** - [**10-bit 1080p**](//nyaa.si/view/1028120) or [**8-bit 720p**](//nyaa.si/view/1028119) 2019 - **\[ron\] Nanoha Detonation BD** - [**10-bit 1080p**](//nyaa.si/view/1155997) or [**8-bit 720p**](//nyaa.si/view/1155996)

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  • [ron] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Detonation (720p BD x264 AACx2.0) [F2F3179D].mkv (2.2 GiB)