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no way in hell will I even try to watch this based on the description of the story ... https://myanimelist.net/anime/39456/Sounan_Desu_ka I can only cringe as I think about what has been done by the producers of this anime ... and they completely butcher, Japanize, and cutsiefy two much older, very respected stories ... in order to create a cute "all girl group stranded on a deserted island" story ... the two much older stories I am referring to are ... Lord of the Flies ... and Swiss Family Robinson https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_of_the_Flies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Swiss_Family_Robinson
umm... are you trolling?
@ KingRin ... thank you for the compliment :-D ... it is nice when I get recognized as having above a 3rd grade education level (in America, since the 1980's, what is considered a high school education {or higher}) @ yakkun ... I don't know if your comment is directed at me or KingRin ... but no I am not trolling ... I just DO happen to have an "old school" level of education (I graduated from high school in the early 1970's) ... and as part of that education I had to learn about stories like I mentioned above ... and reading the description of this anime, it really does make me cringe thinking about what an anime producer has done to those story ideas in order to create a cutsie anime series about a bunch of girls stranded on a desert island ... :-\
Cute anime lesbians make everything 69 times better.
Dude, go watch Mugen no Ryvius and let us watch cute girls in peace
@komug I'm sure herkz approves
Der Schweizerische Robinson is OLD but is in no way good. Pretending to an education based on reverence for such a poor work of literature make you sound like a fool. Also, since it is itself based on an earlier work, Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, there is no moral fault in using it as a basis for new works.
@komugi Then feel free to air your disgust elsewhere. No one's forcing you to download and watch this.
americas education sucks they should make you guys watch CGDCT maybe then you wouldnt be so eager to shoot up schools
komugi trolling has gotten pretty advanced, writing essays about education now
Girls are too big, not cute.
@ taliesynkp ... evidently "reading" is not a strong point any more among a lot of people ... what I SAID was that those stories were "respected" ... NOT that they were "good" ... the Bible is widely respected by a great many people, is it "good" ?, true believers think so, but many others disagree ... not once in what I said did I profess any sort of "reverence" for those stories ... what I SAID was that I had been required to learn about those stories as part of my education ... there were LOTS of things that students way back then were required to learn about, the education system back then never asked any of us students if we liked or even wanted to learn a lot of what we were required to learn ... I agree with you ... Robinson Crusoe is another old story ... "respected" but yes it also has lots of problems, just like Swiss Family Robinson and lots of other stories back them ... many of them were written supporting various political agendas (or about current, back then politics), but written as "fiction" and therefore allowed to speak out against the "establishment" ... Gulliver's Travels is a good example of a story that openly makes fun of a few different countries, under the guise of "fiction" @ tokimeki ... I agree with you 100% ... American education really does suck badly, and it has been that way for around 40 years now
It's sad you're not giving this a chance (at least the manga), because personally speaking, I don't take this manga/anime as 'cute girls gotten stranded in a deserted uninhabited island'. It's actually pretty realistic and serious and partially educating (don't expect The Survivalist's Guide to Wilderness though). It may look cutesy so due to its presentation in Japanese-style drawing as well as a lack of classical literature story (I mean, come on, you're comparing manga/anime to classical literature series, plz) but it's actually pretty accurate (I've read somewhere that the author of the manga is actually a survivalist expert and a real-life hunter). Not everything has to be an exquisite well-designed masterpiece intended to carve an entry in the history. Somethings things can be serious and be like Bear Grills the Animation or Hataraku Saibou (you can argue all day Hataraku Saibou is japanized, doesn't make it not serious or of poor quality). That being said, I haven't watched the anime (downloaded it but I ain't got the time yet) and that the source material is heavily turned into a fanservice event could be possible, but at least the manga's decent. And there I rest my case.
ITT: Muh opinion. Cool story bruh, wonder how education helped you with your excessive ellipsis.
People defending this themselves are garbage and probably love moeshit. More girl characters means a bad anime 10/10 times. All the virgin Japs ruined anime themselves by idolizing little girls, pathetic.
@ hrngr1m ... ok ... the way you describe it, I'll at least check out ep 01 @ Haruta ... ROFL ... ok ... *raising both paws* .., yeah I'm an ellipsis slut ... since I don't tend to speak in "proper sentences. I tend to write that way ... and like I said to hrngr1m ...I'll at least give ep 1 a look
@Rowan. Oh, I'm not defending this Anime which is probably terrible. I'm just offended by komugi acting superior while saying stupid shit such as a work of literature can be respected without being good. Or using malapropisms such as "Japanize, and cutsiefy". Dunning-Kruger in the house, baby!
@ taliesynkp ... thank you for another compliment ... "a work of literature can be respected without being good" ... from someone who was unable to actually read what I originally wrote, that comes as a compliment ... evidently the current education system does not teach anything about anything about differences in how old literature was perceived ... like I used the example of the christian bible ... it is widely respected and revered by over a billion people all over the world, but many others consider it to be complete garbage ... back many many years ago, way over 100 years ago, if a book became popular, because it was entertaining to the people of that era, later generations were taught that it was "classic literature" that was to be "respected" ... it didn't matter if it was complete garbage, if it was popular to previous generations then by the time my generation was in school, we were taught that it was literature that we were expected to learn about ... as for my use of terms such as "Japanize" and "cutsiefy" ... whether you like it or not, terms like that have been around for generations ... just as many words and concepts get "Americanized" "Germanized" and other similar terms such as "Disneyfied" (when things like old fairy tales {some of which could be quite violent and sexual} get cleaned up and politically corrected for what the Disney studios considers to be the acceptable (to them) levels for the current generation of children ... you might want to take a serious look at how words and concepts get re-worked/translated as they cross over between different languages
Two final comment and I am done. First, I graduated from High School in 1977, completed my BS in '81. So your attempt at pointed attacks on the knowledge of young people is misdirected as well as stupid. Second, idiom may drift over the years but correct English does not. So complaining that an Anime will butcher respected works of literature while you yourself are butchering the language would be the height of hypocrisy if your were smart enough to possess even a modicum of self awareness.
@komugi You graduated from high school in the 1970s? That would make you at least 57 right now and you're coming on to this anime filled torrent site be like ay fuck this anime no way in hell I'm watching that too many cute fucking grills. Jesus fucking christ that's next level shit right there.
@ ppickles ... LOL yeah, I am a certified old timer ... as is taliesynkp, who just said he graduated from high school in 1977 ... not all of us who come in here are in our teens and 20's ... the first manga that I started reading was Aa Megami-sama (Oh My Goddess), I discovered the first couple vol's back in about 1989 (back then the pages in manga were "flipped" so that they read American style, left-to-right) @ hrngr1m ... I understand what you are saying about the differences between the manga and the anime ... I have not read the manga ... the anime is crap as far as far as what they show for survival techniques ... drinking your own, or someone else's piss ... is a HUGE no, as is drinking blood (and seawater, which the anime does show correctly) ... all 3 things are "DO NOT DO" as taught by the US military, and that warning shows up in at least one military survival manual (FM 21-76-1 Survival. Evasion, and Recovery, dated June 1999, approved for public release) ... and while yes, insects can be a source of food, they are NOT a significant source of water ... so the whole "one girl munching on a locust, and then kissing another girl to give her a mouthful of water", is pure B.S. yeah ... this is a "fan service" story ... and for those who are only looking for that ... enjoy it :-) a story you might want to check out ... it is a little bit more realistic as far as the survival techniques shown ... is the manga Jisatsutou (Suicide Island)
This comment section is a wasteland.
How do I upvote a comment?
Ok to be fair this anime is kinda shit from what I've seen in the first 2 episodes but still
Dance the night away animu
@komugi dude, your 57 or some shit, do you really have that much time on your hands to go around and argue with people over the internet about "the new education system'' and realistic survival tips? news flash, times change, and if anything the new education system is better than the old in SO many ways, and even if you dont like the show, then you can just fuck off to somewhere else m'kay?