[Kaya] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Memory Snow (BD 1080P X.265 AAC)

2019-06-30 21:51 UTC
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Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Memory Snow Video Tracks : X.265 Video Source : m3u8_bot (U3-Project) Audio Tracks : AAC [Jpn] Resolution : 1080P Subtitle : English Subtitles Source : KiruaSubs Chapters : Yes What to expect. --I'm going for good visual quality and still save on hard drive space and find the "sweet spot" so I choose to encode in X.265/H.265/HEVC --Sweet spot 100% base on my own opinion, I go for soft look over grainy but keeping sharpness as much as possible. --I will wait for BD version to come out and I will never upscale video files --I will encode audio with AAC VBR Max quality or leave as is if the source isn't a flac --I will only add English sub but feel free to add the one you need --All my release will have chapters for ease of navigation --If my release has an NCOP/NCED file I will encode as usual with X.265 but leave the audio as flac if the source was. Enjoy! ps: I have kept the original source in the track name as a thanks for the work they have done!

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Fucking hype for this, thanks! Will seed for a bit when it finishes.
how is this compared to the KiruaSubs file that was just uploaded yesterday??
Thank you both to you and Killua!!
jb510, read the description. Subtitles Source: KiruaSubs
lol whoops ok thanks just seeing that now was 1 am in the morning wasnt paying attention with 1 eye open XD
Really excited to watch this. Thank you so much! :D
Just registered to say thanks! This is an early christmas for me. Thank you!!!
^.^ Happy ppl enjoy! And special thanks for Kirua for the subs as i was waiting for that.
Switch to using 10-bit please. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9330975 ignore the part about hardware compatibility because with h265 the 10-bit profile is supported by hardware decoders so there's no real reason not to use it. Can't expect much from these handbrake preset encodes but that would at least help..