[PSVITA] Hatsune Miku Project Diva f (USA; VPK) w English subs patch & compression

2019-06-26 21:02 UTC
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![Screenshot of the song »Melancholist«](https://eunichx.us/img/diva_f/melancholist-small.jpg) **Japanese Title:** 初音ミク Project DIVA ƒ **Publisher:** Sega **Developer:** Sega, Crypton Future Media **Genre:** Music Game **Available On:** Play Station Vita (PSVITA) **Format:** VPK **Players:** 1 **Release Date:** 2014-04-12 This is the official English-translated version of Project Diva f, including a subtitle-translation patch. Audio & video are compressed, saving about 300MB.

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  • project_diva_f-english_subs.vpk (1.9 GiB)

jaidednya (uploader)

It's actually USA, PCSE00326. Whoops.
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I've read your blog post and this is the only platform I could find to contact you. You said you were new in the Vita scene. This being a VPK, I'm guessing this is either a MaiDump or a Vitamin dump. Both are very obsolete methods as they reconstruct mess with the EBOOTs and cause some save and sleep bugs. We use NoPayStation to download game pkgs and convert them to folders and use NoNpDrm on our Vitas to spoof licenses. Downside to this is, games are encrypted and can not be modified. Solution to that is rePatch. Allows patching games on the fly, with either encrypted or decrypted files That's how we supply mods in the scene nowadays. It would be a better choice, stability of the dump, bandwidth and legality wise, to just supply the modified lyrics text as a rePatch patch. If you wish to do that and need help, here's a guide: https://github.com/TheRadziu/NoNpDRM-modding/wiki#using-repatch-plugin-to-mod-encrypted-games