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2019-06-26 14:35 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - 25 [1080p].mkv (860.2 MiB)
wtf no season 2 announcement (they might announce it at Crunchyroll Expo 2019)
^ Hope S2 never happens cuz its unwatchable, same as OPM wich should never got a 2nd Season at all cuz its trash.
Jeanberry your taste of anime must suck hardcore. get out of here dude
I hope we get a season 2 soon =)
@Xenovia90 Your IQ must suck hardcore that you need to include your birthyear in your name that you dont forget it, get out of here and search for help. LUL
why is it unwatchable ? @Jeanberry
The first anime i've not dropped in a while, don't want it to end :( @Jeanberry, agree with ya, OPM season 2 has not been good.
Thanks It's iffy how the current light novel is going with the story but damn is this a good anime adaptation! Will watch if there is a 2nd season of this.
Which manga chapter does this episode end on?
Great show, great wrap up too. I'll buy the USBDs and hope hard for S2.
anyone with any knowledge and appreciation for Anime, and the story knows this is a masterpiece. Those who do not understand i feel very sorry for. well done staff and authour. this is loved much here in Japan AdamEve-san
masterpiece lmao what a joke
A top contender for worst anime of the year.
Animation sucks..... wait, wrong anime sry... Thank You :)
Jeanberry don't you have a better comeback? jeez and yet talking about my IQ.... Get out of here tasteless person.
@Jeanberry If you're talking all that shit, then what anime do YOU watch? lmao.
bad shown 4/10 dropped at episode 13
If everyone talking shit here don't like this show, then what the fuck are you all here for? lol
Just another case of "only my taste matters. who the fuck cares about others preferences, shows should only pander to me. anyone who thinks otherwise has shit taste with low IQ." postings.
To give our opinion on the show, obviously.
Xenovia90 if this is quality content for u then you my friend have shit taste this show isn't unique at all the characters and the plot aren't too contender for quality, but no offense my dude the show sucked as bad as One Punchman Season 2 sucked animation
Losers who come to animes they don't like just to bash them......fucking morons. How much it must suck to be you.
>anyone with any knowledge and appreciation for Anime, and the story knows this is a masterpiece. Masterpiece... Of Shit
Masterpiece? Another generic isekai, same generic leveling mechanics, another harem of young girls that are broken OP. there is little to no character development outside of the core small cast... far from any kind of masterpiece, it's just generic.
Characters are masterpiece in a *way*. But definitely not the story!
premise is interesting. not worth watching after the first 10 episodes or so. feels like the story stops progressing altogether.
I wish they announce season 2....::(
oh no how dare you guys insult my favorite anime reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Masamune no ones bashing the show they are just saying that what they think of the show and what they overall think of the show is shit maybe u git butt hurt maybe you didn't butt for u to say that I'm pretty sure u are butt hurt if you enjoy the show so be it but as others stated out this ain't no masterpiece it's as generic as generic comes
@Jeanberry Who hurt you ?
Finally over! Time to wait for 2nd Season or go to Light Novel/Manga route.
Trash anime honestly. It started out so well and got dragged on through the sheer stupidity coming off of stupid characters. Really bad pacing, repetitive dialogue and unimaginative action sequences
don't like then don't watch it's simple lol
the mixed up opinions is what drives Donald duck build a wall
Thanks for the English subtitle and high quality, have a nice day.
Thank you Horribesubs... :D Btw You all ppl say drop on episode 13 or something why you on this episode? Why you even bother? LOL