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2019-06-22 14:11 UTC
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This took a bit longer than we expected. 03 is translated and TLC'd already. Video is US BD with every edit we could find (read: we might've missed some but let us know if we did so we can fix for batch etc) by both by 4Kids and the studio to fit broadcast standards after the Porygon incident reverted by splicing KIDS .ts or Hulu web-dl. Audio is, of course, Japanese. If you have playback problems (this release is 10bit with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling) we recommend watching the release with MPV. No support will be given for any other player. #pokedex@irc.rizon.net Staff TL (dialogue, songs): kumo8 TLC: Etoce Time: kumo8 Typesetting: KoolKidsK Encode: KoolKidsK QC: Lann, KoolKidsK Special thanks: skr, akai, #pokemon@irc.hoshinet.org

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  • [Pokedex] Pocket Monsters - 002 [C25CF75C].mkv (303.2 MiB)
They did it!
I feel like you should've re-posted the thing you wrote for ep 1: "We realize there is no pleasing everyone in this situation without doing entirely too many multitracks which we have no desire to do, so we humbly request you respect our decision." Keep it up! Long journey ahead for you guys, and looking forward to seeing more.
not as beautiful quality as episode one (and that's to be expected), but still looking good. keep up the good work, and don't stress about a schedule or anything like that. thanks.
Thanks a lot. It's fun to watch this show from the beginning at an even pace.
re: "we might’ve missed some but let us know if we did so we can fix for batch etc" The OP, and the lightning in the eyecatch. 16:52 framerate looks slowed down in Kasumi throwing the pokéball.
I saw in your script that you seemed to be a bit unsure on what to do with Team Rocket's exit phrase... I'm not sure if this helps at all or if it just makes it harder, but I will point out that while "iya na kanji" is the most commonly used phrasing, they have other variations on the same one. They'll also occasionally say "ii kanji" when something has gone well for them (For example, the first three movies ALL close out with them happily shouting this) and, MUCH later down the road, Sun & Moon has them go "nani kono kanji" whenever Bewear drags them off at the end of almost every episode they appear in. Our subs use "What an awful feeling", "What a great feeling" and "What even *is* this feeling?" respectively, I know Pokémon-Originals used "This sucks" and "This rocks" (with nothing for the Bewear phrase as that hadn't yet been introduced at the time), and P-M has "This feels bad", "This feels good" and "We don't know how this feels". ...Of course for all I know you may have already discussed all this stuff among yourselves and the note in the script might just be obsolete, but I figured I'd bring it up just in case.
I still really wish the Pokemon names were in Japanese, to match all of the cities and people's names also being in Japanese... It's like a semi-dubtitle...
@Lord_Starfish Do you recall any instances of their exit phrase where they don't say やな感じ in Kantou, Orange Islands, or Jyouto? @grawl > I still really wish the Pokemon names were in Japanese, to match all of the cities and people’s names also being in Japanese… Should "hedgehog" be left as "harinezumi"? Names of people and places are clearly different things to words like "dog" or "hedgehog" or "pidgeotto".
Well like I said, the first three movies all end with いい感じ... tbf it's not really an "exit phrase" for that, but rather just a variation on the same phrase that should have a translation that also matches. There is at least one instance, at the start of Movie 2, where this happens: Dialogue: 0,0:10:03.63,0:10:04.55,Main,Musashi,0,0,0,,It's an island! Dialogue: 0,0:10:04.55,0:10:05.58,Main,Kojiro,0,0,0,,We're saved! Dialogue: 0,0:10:05.58,0:10:07.27,Main,Nyarth,0,0,0,,What a great feeling, meow! Dialogue: 0,0:10:09.41,0:10:11.08,Main,Musashi,0,0,0,,Maybe not... Dialogue: 0,0:10:12.39,0:10:14.01,Main,Musashi,0,0,0,,It seems it's the usual... Dialogue: 0,0:10:14.01,0:10:15.17,Main,Nyarth,0,0,0,,...awful feeling? As you can probably guess, Meowth's two lines in Japanese are いい感じ and いやな感じ. ...Though I do not know of any other instances of いい感じ outside of the movies. I've honestly seen very little of the original series in Japanese.
@kumo8 That's the other way around. The Pokemon all have names, and the dubbed names vary in all languages. Since this is a Japanese dub, keeping the Japanese name of what is being said, matches what they are actually saying. The Pokemon "Kamome" translates to "seagull" in Japanese, but that's it's actual name. Hearing "Kamome" and reading the subtitle for "Wingull" is a whole other story. If it was another show where there was an actual seagull, then yeah subtitle it as "seagull" since it's not a Pokemon. Seeing "Satoshi from Masara Town" audibly call out his Fushigidane but reading "Bulbasaur" is what takes it away. That's it's name in the Japanese version, and not like going literal enough to translate it to "Mysterious Bulb" or anything.
@grawl Wingull's Japanese name is not straight-up "Kamome". It's "Kyamome". While there are certain Japanese Pokémon names that are just flat-out *English* words, none of them are just straight-up Japanese animal names with no changes whatsoever. That said, while I don't necessarily disagree with your argument, I will point out that... "We realize there is no pleasing everyone in this situation without doing entirely too many multitracks which we have no desire to do, so we humbly request you respect our decision. Know that any comments asking to use anything else will be ignored. Feel free to demux the subs and edit it to your liking though. This release IS soft subbed, after all." ...Which, as a fellow subber who's gotten a fair share of flak for certain adaptation choices (*COUGH XIEMI COUGH COUGH*) is a stance I can certainly respect them for.
@Lord_Starfish Okay, thanks. It wasn't something I was looking out for, but I don't recall them ever saying anything other than やな感じ in the entirety of Kantou or Orange Islands, or in any of Jyouto i've seen. I'll keep it in mind though as I watch the rest of Jyouto. Hopefully they just stick to やな感じ.
https://mega.nz/#F!zvQF3A4A!0mwy9jqyFj1KSZR2yXmCrg Episode 1-46 SD uncensored might be of help
why ep 2 and 3 are of low quality
A higher resolution is not worth it provided the BD simply upscales everything. But ep 1 is better remastered.
@MOISTY do you have the rest episode?