[Commie] Natsume Yuujinchou The Movie - Ephemeral Bond [BD 720p AAC] [D56EA9ED].mkv

2019-06-22 02:04 UTC
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1.4 GiB
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  • [Commie] Natsume Yuujinchou The Movie - Ephemeral Bond [BD 720p AAC] [D56EA9ED].mkv (1.4 GiB)
Give me zoku owarimonogatari
No 1080p. The movie was made at 720p.
Dang, thanks anyway
Thanks Commie for your work on this movie and for sharing it on Nyaa.
Thanks for providing both 5.1 and 2.0 audio tracks!
God, this make my day. Thank you!
Am i the only one having a problem with this release? ![alt text](https://imgur.com/MKzC1a9.jpg "Logo Title Text 1")
update your mpc-hc here https://github.com/clsid2/mpc-hc/releases
Thank you for always bringing to us the ultimate stuff out. (also thanks for the update MPC-HC)
How can commie release subs when they are dead? ?
Yay! Thank you! How can anyone release subs when Commie's dead?
Thank you for this treat!
Knew I could count on Commie for this. Thank you very much.
Nyanko-sensei! ^^
Could you possibly give the subtitle file? Would love to use it on the 1080p version. Thanks.
use animetosho. and that's pointless since the movie was animated at 720p. just download this and upscale it on playback.
@herkz What if one does not use mpc and prefer to burn subtitles and watch it on tv rather than on their small laptop? Does the latest version of handbrake can render the file correctly?
i have no idea
"Am i the only one having a problem with this release?" same, but I take Ohys-Raws release. subtitle on Subscene: http://bit.ly/2Y7eYqP
you could just update your video player instead of watching a worse release
And youre sure that backgrounds in original is also 720p? I dont have much to compare to, but no doubt ucuss raw has more detailed backgrounds which can be explained by higher resolution, but also can be explained by increased bitrate or filters used in your release. And i guess some detail loss is inevitable once you remove dither/noise from bd source. Some encoders have sometimes claimed "its made in xxxp, so any more is a waste" which isn't really true, since such numbers as you find in anibin applies mostly just to animation itself, and not backgrounds, effects and 3d. Backgrounds do matter. And if backgrounds arent 720p upscales, then it's incorrect to say the anime is made in 720p.
pretty sure. and there aren't any special effects or CGI in this anime. not sure what you mean by some other release having more detail if you haven't actually compared.
I meant that there isn't a proper 1080 to compare to, so i compared to best raw available on nyaa, which is probably this https://nyaa.si/view/1150248 I did compare, here's a small comparison i made - http://compare.bakashots.me/compare.php?setId=4093&comparisonId=29499
it's hard to say from that comparison because the lines are also darker so they might've filtered it. the best way to compare would be to download the BD and downscale to 720p and upscale back to 1080p. sadly i already deleted it so i can't do that.
@Zorlaf you can use mkvtoolnix for that.. slap the srt/ass file to the video and remux it.. then slap the video on handbrake..
the difference is clearer zoomed in, but most noticeable on the lines of the roofs of houses. The finest lines are pretty much invisible here. If i was pedantic i'd say that upscaling downscaling back to the same resolution there will always be some loss of quality and information - you can't really do it losslessly and the result depends on the algorithm used. And the way video player upscales also is dependent on the algorithm. And as for backgrounds - well none of them are drawn for 720 size only, there is little reason why it would be mastered at 720p then upscaled, when in reality the backgrounds can be outputted to the correct 1080p, i doubt such an error would be made. Backgrounds are made so you can zoom in, pan etc without losing quality. From my experience, it's only the animation itself that is at lower resolution. That is why i prefer maintaining the 1080p, even if difference is minimal, as i dont need to save up on disk space.
i mean, they could easily make everything 1080p. it's mostly inertia that keeps them at lower resolutions. there's not really anything technical stopping them. everything is drawn more than big enough for it.
@Herkz I did the update to mpc and it still looks like the example given.
Thank you very much sir !
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