Patlabor 2 the Movie (BDRip 1912x1036p HEVC x265 TrueHD, AC3)(Dual Audio)[sxales]

2019-06-20 22:37 UTC
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![alt text]( "Patlabor 2 the Movie") >The date is 2002, three years after the events of Mobile Police Patlabor: The Movie. The destruction of a United Nations Labor team in south-east Asia begins the build-up to a deadly terrorist plan that threatens to send shock waves throughout Japan's military. > >With evidence of an impending military takeover, the scattered members of the original SVD (Special Vehicle Division) must gather to defend the city against danger. To make matters worse, the mastermind behind the operation is none other than Nagumo's former teacher and ex-lover Tsuge. Can Nagumo stay true to her oath to uphold the law in the face of Tsuge's destructive plan for revenge? > >The countdown to armed revolution and panic on the streets of Tokyo begins now... [Source anidb]( Re-encode of [Reina_Akikawa's encode of the Hong Kong Blu-ray]( with HACK-JOB's English subtitles. Dual Audio: Includes the [Bandai dub (5.1 AC3)]( as well as original Japanese (5.1 TrueHD). The Manga Entertainment dub was 5 minutes shorter than the current cut so it couldn't be included. [DDL](!tHpCxQCT!vDXODq5EdQwU2pA16qF_rw) I would appreciate any help seeding.

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  • Patlabor 2 - The Movie (1993)
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    • Patlabor 2 the Movie (BDRip 1912x1036p HEVC x265 TrueHD, AC3)(Dual Audio)[sxales].mkv (3.3 GiB)
I really wish there was a way to include the Manga dub (probably is shorter because its 25 fps or something).
Love this movie, why cant they make good movies like this anymore
@rd1979 I agree. Manga dubs are classic and is often superior.
You left out the original 2.0 japanese audio :(