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2019-06-16 19:56 UTC
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Original name: Sasurai no Shoujo Nell ( さすらいの少女ネル ) Based on the book 'The Old Curiosity Shop' by Charles Dickens (1841) Year: 1979 Video: H.264 MKV - 480p Audio: AAC - Japanese Subs: ASS - English RAW: ARR (2011) Hash: MD5SUM and CRC32 can be checked on our website We are always looking for helpers! [Spotted mistakes? Report: ep, time, error.](https://southwindsubs.wordpress.com/projects/errors/) Please keep seeding, if you can! Allow other users to see it too!

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  • [South Wind Subs & GANGO] Wandering Girl Nell - 01 [A08D510B].mkv (175.7 MiB)
is there a prequel?
Where is she going?
Nice to see this 70's series getting the fansub treatment. ARR did a single episode back in the day so it'll be great to get more after all this time.

South Wind Subs (uploader)

@DR3AMKiiLL3R: No, but 'Wandering Girl Nell' is part of Famous Music Romance Theatre. The 4 series in this collection all have a famous music theme but stories are unrelated. @arvon2: Let's watch the show and see where she wanders :) @Oreldo: We hope to provide a translation for the whole series this time!
@arvon2: "Summary: The story of Nell living with her grandfather, who owns a small antiques shop in London. Forced to flee from debt collectors, they start wandering the English countryside in search of Nell’s mother." (from the SWS' projects page)

South Wind Subs (uploader)

@-Sad-: You're welcome, we hope you enjoy the show! Another show you may like is 'Famous Dog Lassie' (Meiken Lassie) which we translated with Old Castle. The first ep. has been released yesterday.
Thanks for subbing it. I have the French DVD box set. Dub is decent but I noticed that they did not dub one song Nell sings every time. You only hear the music without the words. I'd like to hear it in Japanese as intended.

South Wind Subs (uploader)

@petran79: Thanks for letting us know you appreciate this project! The song you are reffering to is the series theme called "Annie Laurie", which is a Scottish traditional. Wandering Girl Nell is part of "Famous Romance Music Theatre", a collection of 4 series based on different stories and all have famous music as theme: 1. Nobara no Julie (Julie the Wild Rose) Jan-Apr 1979 - theme "Nobara" (The Wild Rose) by Franz Schubert, 2. Pari no Isaberu (Isabelle of Paris) Apr-Jul 1979 - theme "Fantaisie-Impromptu in C minor" by Frederic Chopin, 3. Kinpatsu no Jeni (Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair) Jul-Oct 1979 (not the 1992 version!) - theme "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair" by Stephen Collins Foster, 4. Sasurai no Shoujo Nell (Wandering Girl Nell) Oct 1979- Apr 1980.
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@glm8892 What's up? Anything happened? I was worried.