Cash Boy v01-02 [Uasaha] (Media Do)

2019-06-12 21:13 UTC
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Cash Boy v01-02 [Uasaha] (Media Do) Description An 18-year-old university student Takanori and 17-year-old high schooler Hikaru become brother and sister when their parents get married. Just when their happy family life is about to start their parents' plane crash on their honeymoon! Despite this, Takanori and Hikaru continue to live together. However, everything changes as they learn about the billion yen insurance money their parents left for them! An adventure full of comedy and romance is about to begin! Enjoy it! ![alt text](

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Old School Sexy :)
The rip is fine but the overall quality of this is worse than that of "[The Eve of Uneasiness](". There are **even more** mistakes ranging from subpar phrasings, misspellings/grammatical errors and typos (missing spaces, missing or additional letters/words, completely wrong letters that are not even close to each other on the keyboard) to logical inconsistencies and multiple instances of identical text in two consecutive speech bubbles. Almost none of the sound effects and signs are translated, let alone redrawn. Many of the more obvious mistakes have been collected ([download](!1I0xESoY!rcJetCcwMAOh5qcc-N_ku8sPrHebuZzdnrNRv5nd2_8) or [view](, **spoilers**). Here are some examples: \> Brack-hearted Should this not be "Heartbreak" or "Heartbroken"? \> 1,**000**,**000**,**000** yen \> 8.8 million USD. \> **six** zeroes \> one billion yen Converting to the local currency is helpful, but they should have been made to count **nine** zeroes for consistency. \> a-million-yen Why? \> you're father / you're parents I know "your" and "you're" are homophones, but why is this so difficult to get right for some people? \> Then I have to wash you **throughout**ly!!**V** The word you were looking for is "**thorough**ly" and "CTRL" should be held down until after "V" has been pressed. \> I'm happy we could arrive to a solution with Hikaru This should be something like "I'm glad we found a mutually satisfactory solution". \> I got dum**b**ed again... Not that it makes any difference to someone like you... \> Who**ʼs** is with who?! \> She**ʼs** hasn't had [...] \> My husband**ʼs** is already gone \> We already know who**ʼll** that be [...] \> But there**ʼre** no-one here How does this happen? \> I can fix a meeting right **k**now! I do not now if that was the right word to use.
\> Proving I've gotta girlfriend sure sucks \> You've gotta a cute voice there "Gotta" does not mean what you think it does. \> This \> is \> embarras- \> ing It is indeed. \> ![v01_p209a-kerning.jpg]( Why is the "A" missing a part of its right foot? \> I wasn't aware that her boob**s** **was** so big \> Her breast **are** so soft Congratulations, you managed to get both singular and plural wrong. \> beatiful [...] bea**u**tiful [...] beatiful Wrong, correct, wrong... \> Why aren't**ʼt** you saying anything?? What the fuck? \> Are studying hard?? Who needs subjects anyway? \> Anyone \> Anyone**e** These two spellings are different despite being vertically adjacent to one another. \> biefcase [...] birefase Is he having a stroke? \> I haven't kissed anyone yet. The end of volume 1 must have been a dream then. \> Did **she** tell you about **his** parents? \> **Mika**'s quite something. **He** could become an act**ress** How does one manage to fuck this up? \> It seems they are doing well. This should be negated considering the context. \> ![v02_p175b-extra_letter.jpg]( \> **t**it Nice Freudian slip. \> You're not as stupid than your brother. What happened here? Does Media Do not have an editor or at least a proofreader? They should be ashamed to put their name on such utterly pathetic work.
Storywise this series is also bad. Almost every character behaves like an idiot and especially Takanori is a complete retard. The joke about the "siblings" not being related by blood was reused multiple times, Hitomi is quite annoying and the reveal at the end of volume 1 is heavily foreshadowed over about one fourth of the book. There are also convenient "coincidences" like Kawasaki's perfectly timed calls in volume 2. The premise itself is flawed: Their parents took the time to set up life insurance to automatically transfer "tuition, rent and necessary daily items" to their bank accounts and pay out the full amount only after both of them get married, yet they can withdraw extra money if they both agree to it. Why did their parents not set a resonable upper limit to this? They repeatedly wasted large amounts of money, as expected of high schoolers. When Takanori complains about having to get by with 30,000 yen for almost a month after having just wasted a large amount of **extra** money, should he not still have the majority of his monthly allowance plus the remaining 150,000 yen left? Besides, assuming that the rent and tuition are left in the bank account, $264 of **cash** should be more than enough to cover 25 days of food and everyday items. The following is a minor spoiler: How can you forget about the interest? I know that this decision was made to create the reveal in volume 2, but I find it hard to believe that the parents, who were successful enough to be able to set up $8,800,000 in life insurance, would forget something as important as that, especially when their children could live off of the interest alone for the rest of their lifes. \> M on M violence is shown \> M on F violence is shown \> F on M violence is shown \> F on F violence is censored ... To conclude: Do not waste your time on this series.