[Mizore]Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Memory Snow OVA

2019-06-08 20:16 UTC
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# **Enjoy our subs!** ![alt text](https://i.snag.gy/TE3KPs.jpg) Join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/JAzh9XT Add me on MAL: https://myanimelist.net/profile/Mizore Use https://nyaa.si/view/1149223 for the raw. https://www.fontsmarket.com/font-download/avenir-lt-std-65-medium is a nice font ?

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Fuck off with your Google Translate. Like srsly, this show doesn't deserve your fucking shitsubs.

Mizore (uploader)

the mad lad is back
Nah, they just shoudn't allow this shit. At least mark it as Google TL. >Birthday: Jan 24, 2002 Great.
↑ kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
is this at least watchable?
oy oy first 3mins looks good why bashing the subs?

Mizore (uploader)

exactly also, ima stop replying to comments now. trolls feed off of attention
>is this at least watchable? From a quick look at it, I would highly suggest you wait for a proper release. If you're used to watching machine translation quality of subtitles and cannot wait for whatever reason, you are probably going to be fine with this.
BTW, if you put enough fanart of Re:Zero in the description, people might get tired of scrolling before reaching the comments.
Astral machine translation quality of subtitles? what do you mean so far it's timing is perfect and while the translation isn't 100% accurate at least it's 80 - 90% accurate so far and there isn't any typos or any grammar issues
Like someone else would do.
anyone got another site. I'm new in this sea
Fuck off, everyone is waiting for proper subs, spamming F5 and we got this shit
>Like someone else would do. DDY
For anybody hitting F5 like @BlackScience , you can throw this url into your bittorrent client or an rss reader on your phone or desktop: https://nyaa.si/?page=rss&q=Memory+Snow&c=1_2&f=0 and for rss readers enable notifications. QuiteRSS works great for desktop and has a notification setting, and I'm sure there are plenty of phone apps that will give you a popup.
You should tell us what release you time this from. Mine has a different opening scene.
after 10 mins I give it 6/10 it's alright if you can't wait any longer and want to see the OVA but if someone is working on better subs then it's better to wait @kamiyan93 btw DDY? are they a translation group? if so is there a link for their website if they have one?
@Otaku_J-san I believe he means DameDesuYo you can google them for a link but I don't think they have any subs for this yet
ah I've heard of them seen some of their stuff but do they do original subs? I thought they only release encodes :/
Mostly subs in their encodes. But waiting for them is like waiting on seamail from mars.
well I'll wait a few days if no better subs are uploaded then I might as well go with this one if someone can just edit this, it'll be good
That moment when you get hyped only to see the [Mizore] tag.
@Otaku_J-san Why so little patience? ;o
because I waited 9 months for this!
People complaining about the translator who barely got any sleep while working on this nonstop. People who criticize this are really picky. All the subs I've gotten from this tell me that this is easily readable and they should stop complaining. It easily conveys the message in the subs and there's barely anything confusing. If you really criticize this then just fuck off and do it yourself.
I didn't know Google sleeps too. You learn something new every day.
Thanks Mizore. Amazing subs <3
>People complaining about the translator who barely got any sleep while working on this nonstop. Mate, "working on this non-stop" rushing to beat the good subs with shit is the opposite of admirable. You can't just say "hey they worked hard, stop criticizing." I think the Unabomber worked really hard on his bombing/publicity plot, too. Probably way harder than Mizore worked on these subs. But that doesn't mean the Unabomber is not open to criticism for the core nature of his actions, and anyone who responded to a criticism of his doings by saying, "Well, he put an impressive amount of work into it" would be looked at like an alien. And any talk of whether Mizore worked hard or not to get these subs out quickly is similarly beside the point. By the way, where did my life go so wrong that I'm comparing domestic terrorism to releasing bad anime subtitles? Maybe these subs are "okay." Obviously that's a perfectly fine opinion to have, and for me to say otherwise is arrogant. But whether these subs are bad or not is not really the core point of the criticism here. If these subs were released 2 months from now, we wouldn't have an OP-bashing party in the comments. The principal bone that the haters have to pick is that the OP is conducting an anti-social activity by releasing terrible subs quickly (and, further, by holding them out as good). The general counterargument to that is, "well, users can make their own decision about whether they're okay with shitty speedsubs or not," but not every user is sophisticated enough to make that determination. Further, pirate streaming sites will pick up the first subs available without any regard to quality, and users of those sites have no real way of evaluating whether the subs they picked up are good.
The Engrish at the start is very much mistranslated, I gave them a quick look, and here's my fixed version of them; note I was relying on the Japanese subtitles because jesus fucking christ the Engrish is hard to understand. Sometimes I favour Re Zero WN terminology 魔獣 I translated to Witchbeast instead of the way Subaru said it. He said Monstrousbeasts, Wolgram has gone in his Engrish. Tweaked some wording around too. 1 00:00:15,300 --> 00:00:17,740 It was a fearsome battle... 2 00:00:24,838 --> 00:00:28,508 We were cursed by an unknown force... 3 00:00:31,788 --> 00:00:36,988 We experienced invasions by a herd of Wolgarm.... 4 00:00:37,740 --> 00:00:41,270 We engaged in mortal combat with the Bossgarm.... 5 00:00:51,012 --> 00:00:55,192 Then, when the days of peace finally arrived... 6 00:00:55,735 --> 00:01:00,175 The threat of the Wolgarm Witchbeasts was gone, 7 00:01:00,622 --> 00:01:03,442 and the village was saved for good..... 8 00:01:04,529 --> 00:01:05,219 But... 9 00:01:07,358 --> 00:01:09,438 I am yet on a mission. 10 00:01:10,794 --> 00:01:15,684 A secret mission, that I have to execute without being 11 00:01:15,984 --> 00:01:17,694 noticed by anyone... 12 00:01:24,181 --> 00:01:27,051 I will win over Emilia-tan on that date. Edit the SRT file for this.
Also, Is this a translation from the Spanish subs? The start has the same mistranslations as the Espanol version.
yes, all their releases are translated from spanish subs
Makes sense, the Spanish subs have a bunch of mistranslations in them.
here is an example: 83 00:06:19,730 --> 00:06:21,910 What will happen if you do open it, lots of bugs? roughly fixed to: 83 00:06:19,730 --> 00:06:21,910 What will happen if you open it and lots of bugs came out?
90% times Spanish subtitles sucks, I say that as a Spanish speaker.
Uploading shitty subs is just pointless. And you must be an idiot to waste your times on this shit.
A translation from the Spanish subs? really. This upload is clearly just click-bait to show off your waifu and DiScOrD-SeRvEr. At least it should be deleted when proper subs come out.
>Kamiyan93: "you must be an idiot to waste your time on this shit" proceeds to post hate comments for 5 hours
@motbob "By the way, where did my life go so wrong that I’m comparing domestic terrorism to releasing bad anime subtitles?" <3 Sames. I'd rather have had @EngrishSucks fixed translation than this. @Kamiyan93 I should have heeded your warning in the first comment instead of wasting 5 minutes trying to watch this garbage.
@Dragloncon stop riding OPs ding dong
I'm glad I only translated a clip of 1m instead of the whole OVA/movie, imagine wasting 3 days on this only to read that people are ok with Google translated subs.
What the Fuck Did You Just Bring Upon This Cursed Land
Thank you :D
Ah yes just the subs I was looking for
I was just curious about this sub, after reading this flow of comments. For a non english speaking people, like me it was enough good to watch this show. What i want to say about it is the failure of blind translating. At the opening Subaru speak (try to speak) english, and the subs are different from the spoken words. I did some translation before and the basics are to watch the movie while translating to have the right context and consistency of the original. I respect the efforts and when a better version will comes out, i will watch it again.
Personally I do not come to criticize the friend for his subtitles, without a doubt I think that he worked very hard to then share it publicly, and run the risk of being criticized for not being "perfect". I do not understand his definitions on of "subtitles perfects"... Like person latin american that I am, I have seen and known to much of fansubs, one betters than others. Most just think to give a simple and vague idea about the meaning of the words in the anime, these are fast so you can upload them to your page web leaving out the quality and the essential ... If I admit that there are many like this, but also there are others who take this very serious, such as "PUYA-sub" ... I will try to verify the translation by myself and see if I can make corrections ... since I am a great follower of this series as many.
Mizore translate their Spanish subtitles, and Spanish fansubbers while the largest fansubbers of any language group even larger than the Chinese one varies extremely in quality. While with English you tend to only get good unless you watch Commie there very few English fansubbers left anymore, the streaming services killed them off. And this subtitle quality is as expected its okay translated Spanish subs translated again into English, as with any secondary translations they are never perfect.


>While with English you tend to only get good unless you watch Commie Imagine actually believing this
Not to mention has any other sub group or official channel made it clear they're picking this up? People easily bash, but thanks to easily bashing I already have 3 shows in non-subbed limbo (Queen's Blade, Seitokai Yakuindomo OVAs and Uma Musume OVAs)
>Not to mention has any other sub group or official channel made it clear they’re picking this up? DameDesuYo (apparently). Just ask begna, I guess?
Don't take seriously Latam people, they don't know how write their own language. Why we should respect efforts even if the result is bad? Is like a teacher giving extra points for your effort, that doesn't make sense. Also, Puya isn't a fansub, god.
its been a whole day and still no new eng subs, should we start panicking


>Not to mention has any other sub group or official channel made it clear they’re picking this up? Re: Zero is very popular so I wouldn't worry about OVA not having good subs.
I will follow the ninja path and take the baton in this supposed challenge and we will see what the results will be ... My years of experience see anime have made that I developed a good ear, so I think I can do something with this ... :v XD
All this time and no official sub... Can i start panicking?
@KuronoK Probably, if it takes too long, I will.
@nyaafan1 Thank you so much! This is really helpful.
@nyaafan1 how would I set up rss feeds for other sites/torrents?
People are always criticizing instead of fixing the problem.
@rap004 Nobody won't fix every shitty subs we found, better is waiting for proper subs and warning people to stay away from this "subs."
@rap004 vai te toma no cu pacifista de merda
Can we setup a kickstarter to get this subbed already?
i just watched it with this sub, the story is way too funny i couldn't care less about the bad subs. moreover there's a certain funny isekai anime cameo in here so it's all worth it
fansubs are dead and killed anime
will we ever get good subs?
Stop complaining kiddos. If you really don't like the subs how about you just shut the FUCK up like you were doing before this was even released, instead of coming here and posting some unoriginal *supposedly funny* unfunny comments. Now don't get me wrong, I don't like the uploader, I hate him. He's as shitty as y'all. He's a 17 year old kid who somehow learned how to make machine subs and did it only to advertise his Discord server. But I don't care, I'm using the subs anyways.
I have some bad news… if you are waiting for DDY subs like me, then the wait will be long the project was put on hold because something fell threw with a translator, or so I’ve heard from their discord so if anyone willing to give it a chance and try subbing it, now would be a good time or you can go with whatever subs available or you can wait some more, at this point I don't know anymore...
Just go learn Japanese.... Jesus. Quit complaining. Understand the mother tongue then all of the jokes make more sense.
@Kikey so we should just close our eyes? See everything trough pink glasses? Any, literally any product (whatever it may be) is open to criticism and if its bad, why should people be silent about it? This whole fucking stupid mentality of "look at everything in positive light" is so stupid. World doesn't work like that, your little "happy" utopia exist only in your head. It is only good for defending garbage from being called garbage. People can and should voice they're opinion so that more people could be aware that these subs are trash
Ahem, so I'm translating the OVA from scratch. I finished 10 minutes of it between yesterday and today. I expect it to take a few more days, but I'm working on it literally non-stop (16 hours a day xD), so I hope it won't take more than 4 days
NICE CANT WAIT !! hopefully its done by saturday night wink wink
@Killua69100 Kyaa kyaaa! Lovely! Thank you!
@jb510 It's now 34% done :3 I'm working as fast as I can while maintaining the subtitles' quality xD I've been working ever since I made that comment 13 hours ago, so I'm taking a little break now xD
great keep it up YOUR OUR SAVIOR!!! lol