[Pokedex] Pocket Monsters (Pokemon) - 001 [D05311E0].mkv

2019-06-04 18:53 UTC
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This is an original translation and the start of a journey that we predict will take years to finish. If you have playback problems (this release is 10bit and future releases will be 10bit with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling) we recommend watching the release with MPV. No support will be given for any other player. Before anyone asks: this project uses original names for both people and places (eg. Satoshi, Masara Town) and official English localization names for all Pokemon, their moves and items. We realize there is no pleasing everyone in this situation without doing entirely too many multitracks which we have no desire to do, so we humbly request you respect our decision. Know that any comments asking to use anything else will be ignored. Feel free to demux the subs and edit it to your liking though. This release IS soft subbed, after all. This was encoded from the HD remaster/rescan included with the JP 20th movie. The filesize is large due to very, very heavy grain. We have TV caps and closed captions for every episode but the infamous episode 38 with Porygon, US BDs up to episode 52, hulu web-dl of 02-37 pre-porygon edit, and most of the R2 DVDs. If you happen to have VHS captures, please get in touch with us. We'd love to take a look at it. We plan on using US BDs (and R2 DVDs for the episodes we have) with spliced KIDS to reconstruct the original JP video for 02-52 (and KIDS caps or R2 DVD for the episodes the BD doesn't include) #pokedex@irc.rizon.net Staff TL (dialogue, songs): kumo8 TLC: Etoce Time: kumo8 Typesetting: KoolKidsK Encode: KoolKidsK QC: Lann, KoolKidsK Special thanks: skr, akai, #pokemon@irc.hoshinet.org

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  • [Pokedex] Pocket Monsters - 001 [D05311E0].mkv (3.3 GiB)
Will every episode be this bloat?
Am I seeing this correctly? 3.3 gigabytes for one episode? This sound so ridiculous I might actually download. Thanks.
I'm extremely excited to follow this project for the next few years. I will seed your single release torrents and everything else for as long as humanly possible. Thanks, and I hope you have good luck with it.
"We realize there is no pleasing everyone in this situation without doing entirely too many multitracks which we have no desire to do, so we humbly request you respect our decision." This is a most wise thing to put in the description, and it's probably a good thing you decided to put it right here on the first release. ...I mean you're *definitely* going to get complaints anyway, but this is kind of a nice, one-size-fits-all rebuttal to said complaints.
could you at least skip all the episodes that were already subbed by PM? why waste time on episodes that already have good subs like some-stuffs with sun&moon. start where they left off
If you do every single Pokemon episode like this, you'll need to have a 4TB drive for just Pokemon.
Does this project also include the (first) movies?


This is something that peaks my curiosity. Is all of the original series cel animated?
if someone has russian dub give me plz thanks you!!!
>no English audio rip
@Trap_Bugsy @futagen @Papuya This first episode is the only one that will be this big. As said in the description, the filesize is very large because it's a 1080p hd rescan/remaster with lots and lots of grain. It is the only episode that has ever gotten that treatment. The rest of the series will be around ~200MB-400MB each and be 480p. @H94 I think they switched to digital somewhere during the series? @Ken-Sama No idea yet. @Porenta Regardless if they were good or not, the translator wants to do the series from the start.
I made an account specifically to wish you luck in this. It is certainly no small task covering EP001-EP274. You said you are undecided on doing the movies, could I also ask about Advanced Generation and beyond? Is it a case of "see how we feel when we reach it" or more "we don't have the passion for that era so won't either way"?
@BanchoSpaghetti The movies are more "see how we feel when we reach it" I think but AG and beyond is pretty much "we don't have the passion for that era" We all come from groups that do weekly airing projects too. This is just a slowsub project we plan on working on for years to come when we have nothing else doing on or when we feel like it.
You should use the JP names for the pokeymans, like every other fansub group does. Besides it's annoying when you can clearly hear a name and read something completely different.
Same @dantezx, I hate it when I hear Japanese but read English.
honestly the entire subs should just be in japanese or it gets distracting
Agreed, and they even have the closed captions! Not having them for 38 is the only reason I can see to not do this, but I can write them up for that episode so they can fix the project's direction.
I also feel like it would be a better use of time and effort if you guys picked up from the most recent PM release of the original series rather than starting with Episode 1.
Episode 01 from PM contains a number of mistranslations: https://imgur.com/a/JNhip2l https://imgur.com/a/pksVKws https://imgur.com/a/H4IO2Kx https://imgur.com/a/CxkMjly https://imgur.com/a/ak6APmu https://imgur.com/a/EvnF5d7 https://imgur.com/a/NXNmP29 https://imgur.com/a/DqpSs3q https://imgur.com/a/C3iZhUO
What's the video resolution?
@junh1024 1488x1080
make jelly donuts great gain :'(
Japanese for everything but the Pokemon names? I've never understood this. Might as well call everyone "Ash" and "Misty" to keep consistency with dubtitles...
I agree: proper nouns and common nouns are the same thing. I just hope they're planning to translate pikachuu correctly as sparksqueak instead of following the lazy official localisation.
extremely based. hope you finish it all
i could've pretty much watched this if not for the bad memories i had with the PM group no i wasn't mistreated by these people
Good luck with this!


Thank you so much! Finally, the heroes we need have arrived! I have a question. Will you use unedited version from episode 2 to 37? I want to see them in their original glory so badly.
I need non credit OP / ED video materials, where is it? https://youtu.be/BspQeEDVKyc
https://nyaa.si/view/989645 20th movie bonus
@bjk no, it's overcropped to all hell. @Nyagoshin no idea


If it's not too much to ask for, can you share unedited episodes seperately? I have searched everywhere on the internet, the torrents don't work anymore.
Episode 2 when? Please don't make this monthly...
Thanks so much for doing this. I've been searching for reliable translations for the OG series/seasons but I've not been successful... until now. I've set my media server's grabber Sonarr to search for and grab these releases. Take your time. @Libu, the golden rule of fansubs is if you ask for an ETA, they'll purposely delay it just because you asked, so don't ask ETA.
It makes no sense to keep the internationalized pokemon names, they sound so compared to their originals nipponic names