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2019-06-02 08:47 UTC
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This is the English subtitled version. The English dubbed version is here: https://nyaa.si/view/1148269 In this episode we get to see a different side of Pukko, when he has to care for some ducklings left orphaned by hunters. A wealthy land developer has been destroying the habitats of local animals to make way for his latest mega-project. The animals flee to an enormous camphor tree at the top of a hill, which has served as a sanctuary to displaced creatures for years... Sorry that releases have been somewhat slow lately. This has been a difficult year for my family, but I am incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful, close family members who stick together and support each other through difficult times. Enough said on that subject. More stuff coming soon, and there are always projects old and new working their way through the pipeline. I keep not having time to write a decent post talking about some of my favorite stuff being subtitled by other groups, as well as some of the great series and movies that have made their way to official DVD and BD releases in North America. But I really should at least mention two classic anime series that have finally been fan subtitled in their entirety. Leiji Matsumoto's Queen Millennia from Live-eviL, and Osamu Dezaki's Ganba no Bouken from SenritsuSubs. Take my word for it, these are both fantastic shows that each tell a unique story with a beginning, middle, and end. This is the kind of serial storytelling that got me hooked on Japanese anime and live-action so many years ago, perfect for your summer binge-watching needs. Also, I should probably mention a few things about Wonder Three. I sometimes subtitle an episode or two of something for my own amusement, and for various reasons never get around to releasing them to the public. I actually subtitled the first three episodes of Wonder Three in 2010-11, but they never saw the light of day because the series eventually got licensed for North American streaming by Anime Sols. Sadly they only released the first three subtitled episodes before the company went under, and unlike Dororo the series never got an American DVD release. So I'm back at it again. I'll probably get around to releasing my own subtitled versions of the first three episodes eventually, perhaps as part of a batch release. In the meantime, rips of the Anime Sols versions can be found elsewhere on Nyaa. One of the things I really like about Wonder Three is that the while the storylines are full of high-stakes drama and adventure, each episode also has lots of sight gags and visual humor somewhat reminiscent of old theatrical shorts from Fleischer Studios, Warner Bros, Disney, etc.

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