2019-05-27 18:07 UTC
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*Some bad news: I'll be away for 3 weeks on holiday in South Korea. I won't be able to upload for that time. When I get back I will upload those 3 episodes. See you soon. Though Ruka and Risako go out for pancakes and a movie, Ruka isn't sure if it counts as a date. But when Ruka gets a fever, Risako takes care of him. Subtitles by: NF English Translation by: Angie Yaeyama Please remember to seed for others.

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  • Terrace.House.Tokyo.2019-2020.Week01E03.mkv (305.2 MiB)
Lol I haven't seen this fast release!!! Big thanks!
Have fun in Korea!
Can someone explain to me how to get the subs to appear? The subs don't appear on-screen anymore.

Shamzy (uploader)

Subtitles are optional. That means you have to choose them in your video player options. Video players such as PotPlay will automatically choose subtitles for you, but some other players may not. However there are definitely subtitles there. You just need to look carefully.
@Shamzy do you know where else I can find quick torrents when you're away? Have fun in Korea!

Shamzy (uploader)

I would say use a VPN that provides a Japanese server. That way you can watch the episodes as soon as they are released in Japan time on Netflix.
@Shamzy Thanks for your help! Unfortunately, my video player isn't picking it up. Would you be able to upload a file with the hard-subs?

Shamzy (uploader)

Please download PotPlayer and see if the subtitles will show, or look for an option to add subtitles. If that still doesn’t work then let me know and I will upload another torrent with hard subs within 2 hours
use a better video player
thanks!! Have a nice Holiday!! :)
That was fast... Thanks!
Thanks a lot. Wait for you to come back
Thanks! Is it possible to do future release the season and episode number? For example, S01E03 in the title?
Another request to title these S01E03 instead of Week 3--I'm using Sonarr to grab these and it can't find them on Nyaa because they're not formatted in the SXXEXX format and there's no air date in the title either. Most home media players (like Plex) and databases (like TheTVDB) will require this naming scheme anyway to populate information about each episode.
For those that are watching via VLC player just open the video after it's downloaded > click video > subtitles track > Track 1 -[English] the subtitles weren't showing up at first for me as well. i was like noooo not another week without terrace house. lol, but this should work!
thank you very much for the uploads shamzy, and enjoy korea in the meantime !!
thanks for the upload... I can help out by seeding S01E04 while shamzy is out!
@_manek Thank you!