Dragon Ball GT - 64 [DVD Remux] [MULTi Dub].mkv

2019-05-26 19:21 UTC
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Episode 64 is probably the most important of the entire Dragon Ball GT series as that's when Goku had to "depart" and it really feels bittersweet whenever I watch it. I've only muxed episode 64 (for whoever wants to download and watch it as is) and not the rest as there are more dubs and subs that can be added to it later. Dubs: - Català - Castellano [DVD] - Castellano [VHS - HiFi] - Galego - Japanese [Broadcast Audio] - Japanese [Dragon Box] - English - FUNimation [w/ Original Score] - English - FUNimation [w/ Replacement Score] - Español Latino - Português - Português Brasileiro Subs: - English - Signs

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  • Dragon Ball GT - 64 [DVD Remux] [MULTi Dub].mkv (1.7 GiB)
and in germany. ep 64 was one of pretty much every gt episodes that had censorship related cuts
^ True. The German dub was something interesting, the dubbed episodes used an inferior video source but the German subbed episodes used Dragon Box GT albeit an older version where it showed tape marks and what have you. Hopefully someone makes a Dragon Ball GT definitive release someday with multiple audio and subs so that it pleases as many fans as possible. I uploaded something similar but it was mostly left as a work in progress.