[Joker] One Piece - 001 [1080p][Dual-Audio][Multi-Subs][4:3 Aspect Ratio][HEVC][x265].mkv

2019-05-25 19:01 UTC
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…::Source::… Video : [df68] Audio: [CR] & [Funimation] …::Video Specs::… Format/Info : HEVC / x265 Resolution : 1440x1080 …::Audio Specs::… Track 1: Japanese Track 2: English …::Subtitles::… Type : Soft Coded Track 1: English [CR] Track 2: Arabic Track 3: Portuguese [CR] Track 4: Spanish (LA) [CR] Track 5: Korean …::More Info::… For episode 1 to 206, [df68] uploads are the best quality (https://nyaa.si/view/885036) and Its in original aspect ratio, Just testing 1ep with dual audio, multisubs and x265 Pics: http://imgur.com/a/RSFnG

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  • [Joker] One Piece - 001 [1080p][Dual-Audio][Multi-Subs][43 Aspect Ratio][HEVC][x265].mkv (206.2 MiB)
"Best quality?" Oh, it's upscale... :/
@Phoenixar-raws yeah best quality available, they are good upscales and also [df68]'s source is different
So, it says you're just testing it out, but it the goal/plan to do it all (at least the first 206)?
I hope there will be more, this is fantastic
@KatakuriSenpai i don't know if i agree with that... i used to love df68's upscale before, but after reviewing it I realized that the DVD is much better, the lines are stronger and the colors too. For 1-206 i prefer the DVDRip, but after 207, I have no doubt that the df68 releases are better.
good👏👏 thanks💖👌
@Phoenixar-raws idk about the colors and yeah the lines are stronger in DVDrip but that doesn't make it look better, its ugly and full of dotcrawl especially for for the first 52 eps
The colours I do agree with, they're a bit dulled in the df68, but even despite that I still far prefer it personally.
excellent. do a pack with all the episodes in dual audio
I am just kinda curious why do people prefer 4:3 over 16:9 in some cases.. I watched the first 52 episode in 16:9 and it was good...
Encode of a encode never turns out to be good...