Dragon Ball Super - Movie 01 - Broly [BD Scans 600 dpi] [Collector's Edition] [Manga UK]

2019-05-24 12:21 UTC
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Received my copy today and made scans of it. I can't rip the disc (I don't have a BD Reader for PC) but someone else should make a backup sometime soon.

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@Super_Saiyan_Lusitano When will you release DRAGONBALL ZEE Complete series of 291 Subtitled Episodes with Dual Audio, R2J or From ikaios
Don't think I will. I'm hoping that TOEI releases the series in HD, like they did with the TV SP1 and TV SP2. It wouldn't be as impressive as the remaster of the movies or even FUNimation's Level Sets but it would still be an upgrade, I'd reckon.
Do you have a modded ps3, by any chance? That's how I do my ripping. Just disable BD emulation in multiman, put in the disc, reboot, load multiman, go to the video tab, and choose "Make ISO". Don't choose "Copy". It can only rip to your internal hdd, and you do need to run the iso through something like DVDFab or AnyDVD after transferring it to PC. Put BD Emulation back on when you're done.
I have a PS3 Slim (250GB Edition) but it's not modded. I've been wanting it to get it hacked but don't know anyone who can do it.
If it's not the superslim one, it should be possible to do it without opening it. There was a way installing cfw's on ofw's above 4.55 discovered a while back. It was a safe method, although you can probably kiss online gaming on said console goodbye. I could help you with it if you really want to. But maybe not worth the hassle for just one movie. Worst thing is, my dad is in London right now, but hasn't come across it yet... :'(
This is actually the third movie. 1 is Battle Of Gods, 2 is Resurrection of F.
Nope. Those are Dragon Ball Z movies.
Some Anonymous Person Released DRAGONBALL SUPER - BROLY - Official MangaUK Bluray on NYAA Check it out guys, it's finally here, green tint free BROLY I wonder how this person got it before estimated date of 27th May, can anyone tell me, how
Uhm, how can they be Z movies when they have Beerus in them? The first one is even retold IN the TV series. Wait... you're right. Broli is the first move labeled as Super. But why?
Because they predate Super. Battle of Gods was the first serious DB outing in years when it came out. Resurrection F was also very popular in Asia. Then, Toei was like "You know what would be really cool? If we made another TV series about Dragon Ball.The first 2 sagas will be shitty remakes of the last 2 movies, but with terrible pacing and animation. Then we will improve them slightly on Blu-Ray whilst still remaining vastly inferior to the movies..." Then Super the series happened, and then they were like "We can't afford to mess up again, we've gotta get the next installment right", and then this movie happened.
BoG and RF feel like Super-verse movies but they officially aren't.