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if part 6 gets anime ya'll have to become green..
^This Its weird that they don’t got the green status after the work they put into part 4 and others way back. Justice for the Some-Stuff crew.
Apparently there's not really an established process to get trusted, but considering our luck with old Nyaa, I won't hold my breath, lol
judge from the OP of the part 1...yup it will become animation till Jolyne arc.
Mate, the process for getting trusted on new Nyaa if you had trusted on old nyaa is just to ask for it. Did you try that?
Cartel keeping quality fansubbers down.
I don't think we should take Sono Chi no Sadame as a clear indication of how far the anime will go... I mean, from what I understand the staff at DPro genuinely do love Jojo and actively want to animate ALL of it, but presumably at the time they made season 1, they had only gotten the greenlight to animate that one season. The only reason Stardust Crusaders and beyond ended up happening was because said first season was immensely successful. Of course, since the show has continued to be immensely successful, at this point I see little reason to doubt that they won't do Part 6, 7 and 8 eventually.
>Apparently there’s not really an established process to get trusted, but considering our luck with old Nyaa, I won’t hold my breath, lol You were trusted on old Nyaa, so you only need to ask. It is exactly as motbob said.
Godlike share! Part 6 is going to take awhile, but I'll be reading it after Part 5 Anime for sure ^^
Part 6 is great, I have hope that DPro will nail the adaptation like they have with this and evey other JoJo so far. The world needs JoJo.