Dragon Ball + Z Movies 1-17 [Toei Remasters] [R2J Bluray audio + Funimation + Ocean Dub synced + Subbed] [Definitive Release]

2019-05-21 05:22 UTC
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DBZ Movie tracks: Audio Track 1: English w/ JP Score Audio Track 2: English w/ Eng Score Audio Track 3: R2J Bluray BDMV (andiandi) Audio Track 4: Ocean-Pioneer Dub(Movies 1-3 only) Dragon Ball Movie tracks: Audio Track 1: English Audio Track 2: R2J Bluray BDMV (andiandi) Audio Track 3: JP Dragon Box --- Hello everyone. I made this release using the Amazon Web-DLs and syncing them with the R2J blu-ray audio, which turns out to be the same sound quality as the LaserDisc audio; the R2J audio is 2.0 stereo too. Toei did something stupid, because they obviously used the low-quality optical audio for all their previous releases, as you all know (even the amazon/netflix releases, which came out 3-4 months before the blu-rays), and then decided to use the high-quality audio at the last moment, which is obviously from the LaserDisc, since they’re exactly the same in terms of quality. If they had the audio masters, their previous releases audio would've been clean, instead of muffled. It seems that they used the LaserDisc audio for the blu-rays, which is uncompressed and originates from the original audio masters. I’m mad, because it took me a long time to sync the LaserDisc audio, but as I said before, the blu-ray audio is on-par with it. Since they're both from the same remaster, I had assumed the blu-rays would have the same low-quality, muffled audio that the Amazon Web-DLs have, but no-- Toei decided to put the audio at the last moment. Anyway, this release also contains the Ocean-pioneer dub, which I synced for the first three DBZ Movies. I synced the two Funimation tracks--one with the JP Score and one with the English score-- the english audio tracks for the first 4 DB Movies (not the Z ones). I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY RELEASE! --- ***ONCE YOU’RE DONE DOWNLOADING DON’T FORGET TO SEED THE F OUT OF THIS.*** ***BIG THANKS TO JySzE WHO DID THE QUALITY CONTROL FOR MY SYNCS AND FOR SEEDING THIS!*** ---

File list

  • Dragon Ball + Z Movies 1-17 [Toei Remasters] [R2J Bluray + Funimation + Ocean Dub synced + Subbed] [Definitive Release]
    • Dragon Ball
      • Dragon Ball - 1 - Curse of the Blood Rubies.mkv (5.4 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball - 2 - Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle.mkv (4.7 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball - 3 - Mystical Adventure.mkv (4.8 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball - 4 - Path to Power.mkv (8.7 GiB)
    • Dragon Ball Z
      • Dragon Ball Z - 1 - Dead Zone.mkv (4.7 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 10 - Broly, Second Coming.mkv (5.6 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 11 - Bio-Broly.mkv (5.1 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 12 - Fusion Reborn.mkv (5.6 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 13 - Wrath of the Dragon.mkv (6.0 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 2 - The World's Strongest.mkv (6.6 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 3 - Tree of Might.mkv (6.6 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 4 - Lord Slug.mkv (5.7 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 5 - Cooler's Revenge.mkv (5.1 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 6 - The Return of Cooler.mkv (4.7 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 7 - Super Android 13!.mkv (4.9 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 8 - Broly. The Legendary Super Saiyan.mkv (7.6 GiB)
      • Dragon Ball Z - 9 - Bojack Unbound.mkv (5.6 GiB)
Are you *sure* its the definitive release this time?
If anybody wants Dragon Ball GT (Dragon Box with BA) synced with English audio along with Dubbed Next Episode Previews here you go https://mega.nz/#F!xjQRyYqJ!UjdPuB35nI1VX5-OrPMGxw Note - These are encoded by [Ecio] and are heavily degrained but retain very good video quality Feel free to make a torrent
@Cinder i made a better release,download this one.
Did ya fix the audio labels like I told ya? If not, you're gonna have to, else someone else will and re-upload this on ya. xD
@Cinder everything, FIXED
Well, we'll see. I was 94% done on your previous torrent. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Did the Ocean team not do Movies 4+?
@ergiman : Ooooh that's it, you were referring to the web-dl audio when you said it was muffled. Before you delete your torrent, you said that it sounds like someone is speaking through toilet pan or stg like that. I was like "Whaaaaaaat ?" haha But yes, the Amazon/Netflix tracks are so shitty, thankfully they did a good job with the Blu-ray.
@Cinder they only did the first 3
@andiandi that's exactly what happened,lol.Toei did an oopsie with that one
thanks for this, everyone who already download plis seed.
Pioneer only dubbed the first three Z movies but my god, they made masterpieces!
Thanks for your great efforts, would you consider synchronizing Funimation Audio tracks to R2j of the series (DBZ)? I know it's hard and time consuming but the series worth that and I hope there is a possibility for that .
Isn't iKaos already doing that?
@The-good_Man1994 iKaos is working on that,it will take time to complete,so keep an eye out for his torrents.
@andiandi could you upload the blu ray BDMVs for the movies?(i can't seem to find them anywhere)
Thanks for this movies!
The Ocean dub is it AC3 DVD or FLAC from the LaserDiscs?
can you share ocean dub audiio only that synced in this collection in different folder?because i already have bluray audio to sync and web-dl video, but dont have ocean audio yet.if you kind,thanks.
Please Put : DBZ Movie tracks: Audio Track 1: English w/ JP Score Audio Track 2: English w/ Eng Score Audio Track 3: R2J Bluray BDMV(it sounds clean AF) Audio Track 4: Ocean-Pioneer Dub(Movies 1-3 only) Dragon Ball Movie tracks: Audio Track 1: English Audio Track 2: R2J Bluray BDMV Audio Track 3: JP Dragon Box w/ Subtitle To MEGA Links , Because I Already Have WEB-DL Video
@ergiman : Unfortunately not. I got it for someone's personal rip only to extract audio tracks from them. Then I deleted the BDMVs, that I couldn't have shared anyway.
@ergiman is that so ahr dto extract the audios and subs and put on mega, so the people like me and @Densetsu that has already the web-dl just need the audios and subs? so we skip a 90gb torrent?
@andiandi, Help me choose which is better, your Bluray loseless audio tracks which your released, or R2J Bluray Audio, which ergiman released, i'am confused, he said Laser disk is better than every other
@OMER the R2J Bluray Audio is downloaded straight from @andiandi torrent. "The blu ray audio files are from andiandi’s torrent."
@JySzE, thanks man, is there any chance you or @andiandi could share DRAGONBALL SUPER - BROLY - MANGAUK Full Bluray untouched Version on NYAA, MangaUK is set to release on 27th May, only 6 days left for release
@OMER I've got the Dragon Ball Super Broly 2018 1080p BluRay REMUX AVC TRUEHD 5.1-ZR- It's a beauty
@Cinder, I have REMUX Green Tinted too, but i'am talking about MangaUK Version which is GREEN TINT FREE, which is going to be released on 27th MAY
Well thanks, now I can finally experiance these pieces of...media. Seriously though, thanks!
>Note - These are encoded by [Ecio] and are heavily degrained but retain very good video quality It's not possible to heavily degrain and retain very good video quality. And actually the Laserdisc audio is better than the BD audio.
@OMER i explain it in the description,it would be nice if you read it.
@ergiman, will you share DRAGONBALL SUPER - BROLY - MANGAUK Full Bluray untouched Version on NYAA, 27th May is the release date of MangaUK Version
@OMER i don't live in the UK,but im 100% sure that someone will upload it
i kinda wanna keep your first upload to express my gratitude for your hard work
@cornbeattle thank you!But you should download this one,it's better and it's perfect in every way(i was so pissed when i learned what toei did because it took me a lot of time to sync the LaserDisc audio).The previous one had some minor issues,download this one,trust me.
can someone who already download it put audio track in different folder just for the audio?i think many need this bcoz we already downloaded the web-dl long before this and just need the audio,please anyone?
Akai-Shuichi well they look pretty decent plus they have english audio with dubbed nep synced, just check them out and i never said that Laser Disc isn't better
@KakarotManrai99: "heavily degrained" and "very good video quality" are mutually exclusive. I recommend a doctor appointment to get a look at your eyes.
@Akai-Shuichi the LaserDisc and BD audio are the same.I realized that yesterday,trust me.I'm the one who synced both of them and compared them.
@Akai-Shuichi : If you don't believe him, just listen to those two samples (LD vs Blu-ray) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IwS--TBYK4j0WzWs8a_oVv1wASPwqEef/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w1F9o7ObptqgRUzwqDUKMxjxRJNhYx2H/view?usp=drivesdk I challenge you to find any difference
Are this movies in 4:3 original aspect ratio, or simply upscaled to 16:9 1080p by TOEI
16:9. But bear in mind that, contrary to the serie, movies have been made for a 16:9 release. So, animators had both a 4:3 and 16:9 frame on their sheets, and they draw the essential things on the 16:9 "box", everything thay go beyond that, to the 4:3 frame, is not necessary. It's like releasing a 4:3 version of DBS. Yes you'll see more, but the main action is preserved on the 16:9 show. However, the serie, in 16:9 by FUNimation and others, is a butchery, they just cropped essential things
@andiandi, I saw on your ygg torrent, the comparison between 4:3 & Toei Remasters Remastered Colors are looking more saturated & unoriginal, you should release those 4:3 with perfectly synced english subtitles here on NYAA with the best loseless audio from this torrent
@OMER : No you didnt. You must have mistaked it for another torrent
@OMER "with the best loseless audio from this torrent" That audio is from his torrent???
@andiandi, i was talking about this one, 4:3 looks with original colors, 16:9 looks chopped with enhanced unoriginal looking colors https://www2.yggtorrent.ch/torrent/filmvid%C3%A9o/animation/111732-dragon+ball+z+films+int%C3%A9grale-funimation+43+vostfr+dvdrip+x264-mirolo Anyways, any plans on Uncensored 4:3 Dragonball Zee all 291 episodes with best loseless audio ?
@OMER : Oh but it's not Toei Remasters it's Dragon Box 16:9 vs FUNimation Fullscreen DVD. We plan to release a V2 with a rainbow effect filter on them, for English subs, they are on the ISOs so I wouldn't be a problem to add them. >Anyways, any plans on Uncensored 4:3 Dragonball Zee all 291 episodes with best loseless audio ? For now, we've released them with Winxbloom's Broad audios tracks https://www2.yggtorrent.ch/torrent/filmvidéo/animation-série/167695-dragon+ball+z+intégrale+-+broadcast+audio-vostfr+dvdrip+x264+v2-mirolo But we might release a completely new version, with R2J Dragon Box re-encoded, French Subs, Ishikawa/Tokai Broadcast audio. However it'll be a very very long project
DmonHiro i take my words back, i know grain is an integral part of the video and without grain you are losing the image here are some screenshots https://imgur.com/a/aK98ckB some might like it and some might not and of course they are nothing in front grained footage
Yes, you should release R2J Dragon Box Zee from ROMAO, it's 400 GB, with 4:3 aspect ratio with perfectly synced english subtitles, you should release it with Dual Audio with english subtitles, don't integrate Broadcast Audio, it's noisy, wait for 30th Anniversary Dragonball Zee release in November 2019, use bluray loseless audio tracks from this release
@OMER : You really think 30th anniversary crappy remaster from FUNi will have better japanese audio than Dragon Box, haha Toei don't care, they'll give us their shit, they are too pride to take broadcasts audio from fans... No, we'll release a Dragon Box project ripped from the 380GB torrent of R2J, French Subs, English subs if synced with R2J, Japanese Broadcast Ishikawa/Tokai. No other audio.
The Ocean dub is it AC3 DVD or FLAC from the LaserDiscs?
@andiandi, English Subtitles are in ROMAO'S 400 gb, YOU SHOULD USE ROMAO'S 400 GB, it is also R2J with english subtitles, include Bluray English Audio Track too which ever you find best, Broadcast Audio is noisy & grainy, why do you want to use it You should also remove grain from all 291 episodes from R2J
@OMER : I spent days downloading the raw Dragon Box, that's what we'll use. I don't care about English audio, as much as French audio (they old dub, contrary to Kaï, is SO BAD). It'll be Subs only. And Broadcast audio have noise yes, but it's not that bothering. As for grain, Dragon Box have too much grain. You can't really remove grain without touching others details unfortunately. But we'll rather keep as much grain as possible, and target a decent size.
@andiandi, Just do a favor to English listening Audience, Add English Audio Tracks in your upcoming R2J Ripped Release of Dragonball Zee I know you hate english, but english audio is must for english listening audience, please add 5.1 english audio tracks in your Dragonball Zee upcoming release
@Mr_Kimiko it's ac3 DVD
@OMER andiandi is making his release targeted for the French community, he has no obligation to add any extra audio tracks. If you have R2J-synced audio then you can mux them in yourself, but andiandi doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to.
@ KakarotManrai99 from where you got that link ? I would like to join your special community if you have any
@OMER : We make our work, and it's up to anyone to add their tracks/subs or anything into it. We can't satisfy everybody
bd audio sux. use ld please.
@DaburasBeard : Here is a comparison of BD vs LD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IwS--TBYK4j0WzWs8a_oVv1wASPwqEef/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w1F9o7ObptqgRUzwqDUKMxjxRJNhYx2H/view?usp=drivesdk Tell me if you hear a difference, or if they sucks...
@ergiman What's the point of this being labelled the definitive release if it's not? By what @andiandi is saying, there's a better video source out there?
No the best video is what he used : Amazon Web-DL. Hr just changed audio tracks on this version.
@ergiman didn't the previous torrent have the laser-disc audio "Dragon Ball + Z Movies 1-17 [Toei Remasters] [Laser Disc + English Dub synced]" Or am I mistook by someone else's release
@SidTheGamer0 : Yeah he just released a V2 with Blu-ray audio, which are the best audio for movies (LD are amazing too, you can't tell difference with BD just by listening)
The-good_Man1994 I got them from kametsu
@KakarotManrai99 but Kametsu shut down all of its file sharing parts recently . Do you have another links to their contents for DB, Z and GT ? it's OK if you do not want to share them here if you have any
The-good_Man1994 [Ecio] never completed DB or DBZ, he only did first 28 episodes of DB and 1-68,108-117 for DBZ i can share them if you want but it will take a lot of time to upload to mega as my up speed to slow
Thanks man ! I want the first 13 episodes of DB only if it was from the saga set ( individual disc release) . Uncut Version 2, Australia , as far as DBZ I want them if the american musics are included . it's ok, no rush ^^
oi, @ergiman - use what I've done in [here](https://pastebin.com/Ev5h69LS) for your torrent info. It'll look much and read much better. Peeps eyes and brains will appreciate it
The-good_Man1994 the Dragon ball is from dbox and dbz has the both english audios but as i said its unfinished and its a dead project
The BD audio has fades and boosted upper frequency. The LD audio is more pure. They are not the same
@Akai-Shuichi i won't bother repeating myself,believe what you want.
It's not me believing anything, it is fact. https://i.imgur.com/L56XmKF.jpg Top: BD -- Bottom: LD
@Akai-Shuichi : That's doesn't show nothing at all. They just might have slighty clean some noise from the audio master. You can't hear anything more on the LD audio. It's like showing me Dragon Box The Movies and telling "Look there more grain, it's closer to the Video Master !" Yes it's closer, but it's also useless and not part of the image. In the Amazon version, they did a perfect light DNR (which is to hard on BD however). Anyway, both LD and BD are from the audio master, they didn't come up with anything new.
For the English Dub w/ US Music track: is it the 5.1 track from the FUNimation Double Features, or the original tracks from the 4:3 DVDs?
@dbG33K the english tracks are from the Blu rays(the funimation blu rays)
@andiandi -- akai is right. bd audio sucks because it silenced parts and did bad eqing. ld is better.
@DaburasBeard : It did not "silenced" parts, it just remove un-necessary noise, so that quiet moments would go silent. They just clean video and audio from the source, and they did it well
ergiman, ya nut - use this: https://pastebin.com/Ev5h69LS
@ergiman What is the source of the English subs?
@Cinder please, stop commenting
Nah, not 'till ya format it. Its a mess. already done the work for ya, ergiman here ya go: https://pastebin.com/Ev5h69LS
Late to the party, but I HAVE to thank ergiman. This torrent is just fabulous!! Thank you!
@SoulBurner thank you
@ergiman Why you did not included this two audio tracks for this movies ? AB Groupe/Big Green Dub Speedy Dub
@OMER do you want the catalan,german,greek,malaysian and french dub too?(stop asking stupid questions)
@ergiman Oh, man, don't be angry, i don't know those two were different language dub, i thought it as alternate english dub Don't be rude, man, i was unaware of it, there is nothing stupid in asking regarding unaware things Please try to understand & differentiate, why would i ask, if i was aware of it, makes sense right, don't call anyone stupid so casually without understand a person's question
@OMER read your comments above,for example:"@andiandi, Help me choose which is better, your Bluray loseless audio tracks which your released, or R2J Bluray Audio, which ergiman released, i’am confused, he said Laser disk is better than every other".How can you comment that for example and knowing that it doesn't sound dumb?(did you bother reading the description?i said clearly that i used andiandi's audio files from his torrent and that the LaserDisc and the blu ray audio have the same quality and you ask him that?how is that not a dumb question?)Before you download a torrent, you read the description.
@ergiman, You still did not get it, it's very hard to explain you simple thing - Wiseness, you are good man, i can see, but lacks patience & wiseness Man, i was confused, that's the reason for asking, confusion doesn't relate to dumbness, person has to be wise enough to really understand the questioner See, many people says different things, some one says this audio track is better, other day other one says this audio is better than previous one, it goes on For example, @Akai-Shuichi, claims Laser Disk Audio from your previous torrent is better than R2J Bluray Audio, he says it with PROOF, this is reason for my questions, & you label them as dumb & stupid This is what confused me, i hope you understand the person's question correctly, quickly before insulting them No hard feelings please, i was telling not to hurt anyone just like that, so easily BE WISE & REAL POLITE & KIND Don't worry, i will not ask anymore questions on your torrents, i'am a kind & patient person
@OMER I wasn't specifically talking about that.You asked andiandi if you should download his audio files or my release(I SAID IN THE DESCRIPTION THAT I USED HIS AUDIO FILES,why would you ask him that if you read the description?)i'm not angry with you man,but some of your questions... .No hard feelings, both audios have the same quality,the blu ray audio has some removed noise(from toei) unlike the LaserDisc,but nonetheless, they're the same.(the blu ray audio is 2.0 stereo while the LaserDisc is in mono)Do not forget i'm the one that edited and synced the LaserDisc audio and later realised that toei did something like this(read the description),that's why i switched to the blu ray audio.Just say to me:i didn't read the whole description.There is no need for excuses.I wrote the description so that people won't ask me questions about the previous one and why i deleted it,You're the only one asking these questions.Again,no hard feelings.
@ergiman My bad, i did not carefully read the description, previous torrent description was on my mind It was genuine confusion from the start, i was not playing with you What to do people like @Akai-Shuichi really confuses, when they claim anything with PROOF Because true dragonball fans seeks best bragonball content, THAT'S THE REASON PEOPLE LIKE ME ASKS MANY QUESTIONS BECAUSE OF CONFUSION MADE BY OTHER PEOPLE Anyways, let's forget it, why should real human's argue on this worldly desires, which ultimately we have leave forever when we depart from this EARTH Can you release Dragonball Super all 131 episodes dual audio, subtitled, x265 10bit, for smaller video sizes, i know english dub is ongoing, just start doing it I did not own a powerful pc to encode them to x265 10bit
@OMER KaiDubs is already doing that
@ergiman Kaidubs are x264, which are large in size x265 10bit will be of great quality & smaller size, large video size is unnecessary, plus i have only 1TD HDD, which is almost full, i can't afford a new hdd if you own a powerful pc, then you can encode kaidubs's super episodes to x265 10bit
@OMER i can't do that,sorry.
Any plans on releasing any of the dragonball content ?
@OMER no,not yet.
ergiman, stop being obstinate - use this: https://pastebin.com/Ev5h69LS - it'll look a lot neater and be easier on reader's eyes
@ergiman oh, that's too bad. FUNimation made a number of small changes to the US Music tracks of the 4:3 releases for the Double Features. Weird stuff like changing the timing/volumes of the music and threw in some really spotty voice actor changes (Korin, Movie 5 comes to mind). So a "Definitive" release of these movies, for me personally, would have those US audio tracks and be color-corrected. Still, though, thanks for all your efforts here!
@dbG33K thanks!
Here's the LaserDisc audio from the previous release. I downloaded the prior release just for the audio... It appears the Movie 13 audio is DD, but the rest are lossless FLAC. Syncing credits to whoever took the time to do so! Thank you! http://www.mediafire.com/file/27e5tanww6yfauu/LD_Audio_Mixes.rar/file If anyone could provide a sync'ed LOSSLESS LD audio for Movie 13, I'd greatly appreciate it! I'm making my own "Definitive" release with the various FUNimation audio mixes and the Big Green Dub synced from another Dragon Box release that I extracted the Dolby Digital audio from.
The LD audio for movie 13 is just musics, no voices of sfx. At least, the one I downloaded from animeMaakuo
@andiandi I heard it too. I'm wondering if its only the digital side or the analogue side of the audio that mixes the voices and SFX?
This is because Movie 13 and Path to Power have the audio as Stereo, not Mono. And as such the digital track on the Laserdisc is taken up by the Music track, the voices/sfx track is Analogue-only on those laserdiscs. And as far as I know nobody has recorded the analogue tracks from those discs.
Krycek7o2: I have tried to contact you through different means about a certain thing that got sent back to you... I'm sure you remember what. Please contact me at sangofe@gmail.com
Thanks, Ergi, for including the Pioneer dub, English subs and all around an amazing release. It would have been even better had it been color corrected but I'm not going to be upset about that. 😆
@Super_Saiyan_Lusitano if i would make an attempt to colour correct it, someone would find something to complain about
https://nyaa.si/view/1069407 guys, can anyone share this torrent PLEASE
Still seeding this for anyone else to enjoy. ;)
Keep Seeding
@OMER Hey man, don't know if that was an order or not but I only continue to support releases that are truly good *i.m.o*. So telling a person who is currently seeding to keep on seeding even though it's not like you made this and it's not my job/duty to seed anything. And from these comments above you seem really spoiled and an asshole. You seem like the type of person who demands so much of others who do the hard work while u sit back and real the rewards without any consideration.
@SidTheGamer0, i was just requesting for only sometime, i did not specifically asked you, how i'm an asshole when you misunderstood the my comments, at least ask before representing yourself as asshole, it's not demand or order, everyone here just requests, everyone here knows how much hardwork uploader puts in to this, how did you assumed that i was demanding without asking me, please don't use filthy words, you could have just asked me before passing your stupid retarded judgement on me I DID NOT HAVE ANY INTENTION TO INSULT YOU, I JUST WAN'T TO MAKE YOU REALIZE HOW OTHER PERSON FEELS WHEN THEY ARE CALLED AS ASSHOLES WITHOUT ASKING OTHER PERSON'S ACTUAL INTENT, PLEASE DON'T BE HARSH, DON'T INSULT SO CASUALLY ANYONE WITHOUT KNOWING PERSON'S COMMENT
@OMER Hey man it's hard to know what are people's intentions on the internet so I took things at face value, I apologize if I offended you. It just seemed that you were an 'asshole' from my observation. And if you had your feelings hurt from a random person on the internet from just being called an asshole, you seriously should grow some thicker skin if you can get so easily offended.
@SidTheGamer0, i thank you for your understanding & for seeding So, you are person who is seeding at high speeds, it's 1mbps, is it you ? others speed is 20 to 50 kbps
@OMER my upload speed fluctuates between 150kbps to ~2.0mbps+. And this is while also seeding three other at the same time and with other family members using it. So basically on good days, the upload speed would barely drop 1mbps. And if I don't need to be on my pc I can seed for several hours straight or even up to several days straight
@SidTheGamer0, do you have Dragonball Super KaiDub Episodes?
@OMER Don't have any Kai related stuff, not enough storage yet. My Ultimate goal to have the best quality version of all things dragon ball and then after that, It would be some other anime or cartoon I like and would go through the struggle of finding the best version of.
KaiDubs is uploader's profile name, he uploads Dragonball Super Episodes with Closed Captiones, it's on nyaa, it's the best quality & best ones
@OMER Oh sorry, I not gonna get DBS stuff until the dub is complete so I can have both languages. I own the all the Dragon Ball Suoer Blu-rays already so there not that high of a priority for me rn. Sorry man couldn't help
@OMER Why are u bring up the resolution to @ergiman? I think he already knows that the Teoi remasters are in 4:3 and at 1040p
@SidTheGamer0, i was curious about resolution differences, both Amazon's & Bluray are TOEI Remasters, just a simple question is to why bluray is 1080p & amazon is 1040p
@OMER It's 1080p because I think the blu-ray's are in 16:9 thus making it in 1080p and the closet resolution for original 4:3 ratio is 1040p thus making it easier shown on modern displays. I think
Awesome. Been looking for the movies. All we're missing is Trunks and Bardock. iKaos is doing the series in quad audio.
@ergiman When did Amazon release the english version of the movie on their streaming site? I can't find it anywhere. Excellent release by the way. Amazon Web-dls are equal to the best bluray encodes in the quality hierarchy and only beaten by Blurays themselves.
@jakky567 they didn't,they're from the JP Amazon.I synced the english dub myself.
@ergiman Ok. Um, another question, is the english dubs encoded or was it taken from the bluray?
Nevermind my previous comment. I'm surprised you didn't mux in the dolby truehd track.
I am going to seed this continually for the foreseeable future.
@jakky567 of the english tracks?(it's nowhere to be found,i haven't managed to find the US blu rays of the movies,just encodes of them.Plus it doesn't have a big difference with the truehd track in terms of sound quality) @SidTheGamer0 Thank you
@ergiman, I know you're right about the quality. I actually do know where to find all of them, but it's a private tracker. It's still a great release.
I am going to seed this continually for the foreseeable future.
@ergiman any way you can up the laserdisc tracks you synced, id like it for the isolated score and if nothing else for the sake of completion
The LaserDisc audio files he used were from AnimeMaakuo's shared upload and the two missing with voices (DB 4 and DBZ 13) were somewhat recently uploaded by DBM.
Is there a way to change the default audio this goes to be Japanese? The dubs other than the one with the Ocean cast are trash and I really don't know why the dubs are on there to begin with.
just a quick question does this have the opening theme rock the dragon in it?
Holy hell what happened to the Disturbed track on Cooler's Revenge? It's butchered :(
Dragon ball movie 1: dragon box audio track is not sync (f.e. need insert delay min 16:07.266 and 33:05.234)
@overdrive not only that, I checked some of z movies and they were out of sync too and as a result, I've stopped downloading this garbage .
Yes, now I will have done it. Danm.
@ergiman Does this have eng subs?
alguém pode me ajudar aonde encontrar a ISO Dragon Ball Super Broly?
ergiman, ya nut - use this: https://pastebin.com/Ev5h69LS It'll format your info, so it's easier to read. Everything you wrote is there, just in a neater form
Path to power has no subtitles
Arnt the blu ray video source better than the amzn dl??
Please seed! I can't download fusion reborn (it's the only one I'm trying to download)
Is this an encode?
@JanSilver01 nope
Thanks for the torrent but seriously I don't know what your autistic issue is with copypasting the other dude's formatted description he made. The way you typed it out is fucking unreadable and all he did was take yours and format it properly.
Hey, I've never seen the R2J Blu-Ray, do they look better than the Amazon DLs? Where can I find them? Thanks.
Please seed it Sir.
someone please seed it
I have to ask, what differences lie in Toei's Amazon releases and Toei's BD releases for the classic DBZ movies? (JSYK, I don't refer to Funi's BD releases.)
Blu-rays are degrained and censored, Amazon versions are not
Blu Ray's are definitely not degrained but do have less grain than these which isnt bad and the only censored part is trunk's ass and the middle finger in movie 11 which isnt a problem if you have another uncensored version of the movie, but if you're that picky I guess it'll drive you nuts
Hands down best release of the new remasters. I will say 1 thing can be improved and that is replacing the Funimation English Soundtrack audio which I am guessing is the "Remastered" version and replacing it with the 5.1 English Soundtrack audio from the Funimation Single DVD releases. Overall the music was synced far better in those DVDs and even changed audio when characters went underwater or in different environments. This is something that can wait tho or I myself can try and do this as syncing this kind of audio isn't very hard. Thanks again for the amazing release!