Project A-ko 2 Expanded Soundtrack (Dual Laserdisc) [FLAC]

2019-05-17 18:55 UTC
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The expanded soundtrack for *Project A-ko 2*, from the digital audio track of the laserdisc release. You can be allowed a small WTF about this. Laserdiscs (remember them? no?) gradually added features to be more competitive; eventually, they included digital audio tracks as well as analog audio tracks. Mostly, the digital and analog tracks had the same content, but Pony Canyon issued a number of "dual discs," in which the digital track was something else. In this case, it's an expanded version of the standard *Project A-ko 2* OST with seven additional tracks (side two, cuts 5-11). This was found by sheer happenstance. *Project A-ko 2* was part of a mass laserdisc buy that was really aimed at a different title. Orphan's intrepid raw provider happened to notice that the *Project A-ko 2* disc had the OST on the digital tracks, and an expanded version at that. Pony Canyon laserdiscs often suffer from bit rot, but this one worked; so here it is, in all its FLAC glory. The other Project A-ko LDs just have the anime audio on both digital and analog tracks. [DDL](!LUx20ITT!iUMKex6txBULlao89D9LKl34Yl-cdQrXSrrw-BMvq1w)

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Are any of the other Project A-ko laserdiscs better than their DVD counterparts, like the first movie's was?
I lolled when I saw this. I had actually just ripped the same audio off my LD last week. Didn't yet check for any problems with it, though. Thanks for the share.
godblessadolfhitler: here are some comparisons from my LD rip, with the DVD. LD is on the left. You should know that my CLD-2950 LD player is by no means considered a good LD player, so those who use those insanely expensive HLD-X0s or X9s will definitely get better quality out of this. Also, this is the raw LD capture, before any deinterlacing or filtering.
This soundtrack was software-decoded from a raw RF capture using ld-decode. No failures on error-correction, so it should be a perfect copy. Oddly, the digital tracks for this disc are missing the track metadata, so I split it using the frame numbers instead. If I did it right, it should be accurate to within nearly 1/1000th sec. First time doing this though! I haven't looked at the other Project A-ko discs yet, but the mastering on this one is the best I've seen yet for an anime LD. When the ld-decode software is more mature, it should produce some stunning results.

archivisth (uploader)

@blindrezo - Our top "wish list" item is the soundtrack for Majo demo Steady, which is on the LD's digital tracks. Sadly, the copy we bought had total bit rot and was unusable.
> If I did it right, it should be accurate to within nearly 1/1000th sec. First time doing this though! I didn't do it right, but there's minimal difference (slight offset and rounding errors). If we get ahold of that Majo demo Steady LD or another dual disc, the next one should be bit-perfect. :)
Ah, that's cool. I just received my Duplicator PCB a few days ago and now I'm working on getting all the required parts. :) Too bad about Majo demo Steady. I've had similar issues with Dragon Half. Vol. 2 appears to be ok, but vol. 1 is a mess with rot. :( I recently found and ordered another disc, so just waiting for it to arrive and see if it's ok. I hope you guys have better luck with locating a good Majo demo Steady disc!
Holy crap, talk about a diamond in the rough! Simply amazing! I've never heard some of the mixes of *Kokoro mo JUMP Shite! Natsu no Intro* featured on this before.. @blindrezo & intrepid the mastering on the LD from the screenshots look outstanding. Any chance these could serve as the basis for a release to beat TOMA's old encodes or Exiled-Destiny's version presumably based on the Discotek release *(itself based on LD masters as the film was lost)*? If the sources merit it, I wouldn't mind taking a crack at it myself.
@Kuraze - There's definitely a chance for that. It's on my list of things to tackle when the ld-decode software has matured. It's pretty lucky that it got such a good transfer before the film was lost. @blindrezo - Good luck getting your DdD together! When you have, reach out to me or archivisth; it would be good to swap notes.
@intrepid - Thanks, will do! Is there a way to direct message people on nyaa? Or do you guys use Twitter or something?

archivisth (uploader)

@blindrezo - Orphan does old shows; so we use old tools, other than the Duplicator. ;) Best way for direct communication is IRC on; send a PM to Collectr (that's me). Good luck with your Duplicator. The more setups there are, and the more people transcribing old anime media, the better the chances are for preservation. Maze is another example where the LDs are the best shot at seeing what the original show looked like; the US DVDs are censored, there are no Japanese DVDs, and the original film is apparently gone.
Thanks for this :)